One with Nature

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2022 at 12:33 PM
Updated: 30th Dec 2022 at 6:54 PM
Your sims are tired of being restricted by the walls of modern civilization? They just want to go out and live in the wild, watching the clouds and playing with wild animals all day? Then surprise them with this set of primitive nature-friendly interactions and never have to go through the trouble of building something unnecessary like a “house” ever again!

Version 1.0.8
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the mod to malfunction in vacation worlds
If you don't have Nraas Traveler installed, please make sure to download the newest version, otherwise this mod will cause problems in your vacation worlds!

Version 1.0.7

About this mod
This is a pure scripting mod that adds a set of new interactions to your game, most of which are designed to let your sims fulfill their needs without having to rely on build/buy objects. Your sims will be able to:
  • Relax and daydream on the ground
  • Sleep on the floor and have dedicated “sleeping spots”
  • Pee on the floor outside
  • Have “sponge baths” in the ocean
  • Bathe in swimming pools
(See below for more detailed descriptions of the different interactions.)

This mod also comes with some custom moodlets because I really enjoy making those. The whole thing started as sort of a side project for me but then I just kept adding stuff to it until I decided to upload and share it here.

How to install
Simply put the spherefish_OneWithNature.package file into your mods/packages folder. The Tuning file is optional, you can use the XML inside it to adjust the mod to your liking. As with any new mod, I strongly suggest that you back up your current neighborhood before putting it in your game just to be save.

New interactions

Relax and Daydream

Sleep Here

Pee Here

Bathe in Nature

The majority of the interactions can be performed autonomously, though sims will only do it if your lot does not have any object to replace the nature interaction. (Eg sims will only try to pee outside if the current lot doesn't have a working toilet.)

You can adjust Autonomy via tuning and even turn it off completely if it doesn't fit with your playstyle.

The following objects prevent autonomous nature interactions:

Sleeping objects
Beds, tents, couches, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, igloos, altars (for vampires only), fairy houses (for fairies only)

Hygiene objects
Showers, bathtubs, all-in-one bathrooms, pools. By default, sinks do NOT prevent autonomy, though this can be enabled via tuning.

Bladder objects
Toilets, all-in-one bathrooms

The Tuning XML can be found in spherefish_OneWithNature_Tuning.package

Possible issues
  • The animation transition between relaxing and daydreaming looks a bit weird
  • The sponge bath animation has some clipping issues for child sims
  • The “Pee here” interaction icon looks kinda dumb
  • Sometimes sims have routing issues when using the “bathe in ocean” interaction which cause them to either swim to the right spot instead of wading or stand and bathe on the water
  • There is a weird glitch that sometimes pops up when using the “bathe in pool” interaction that prevents the Hygiene motive from going up. If it happens to you, just try to repeat the interaction.

This is a pure scripting mod, so hopefully it should not cause any major conflicts. If you notice any bugs or script errors, please let me know!

This mod was built and tested with patch version 1.67.

This mod is available in the following languages:
If you'd like to translate it into your language, just post your version in the comments or send me a message and I'll add it as soon as I can. (You can also get the XML version of the strings here if you prefer to work with that.)