Raise The Hot Air Balloon! (EA feature unlocked)

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2024 at 6:38 PM
This mod requires EA’s Hot Air Balloon from The Sims 3 Store to work.

You know, I know... The hot air balloon was so useless because it didn't even fly. When I saw heaven's higher hot air balloon mod, apparently in the hot air balloon game file, EA have designed at least three heights for the balloon but never use it. The jazz script was even complete!

This mod unlocks the ability to fly the hot air balloon to height 2 and height 3. You can select the height you want to fly to(height 1 , height 2 and height 3). All interactions will perform perfectly.


Prepare to takeoff: Select the height you want to fly to.
Ask to join/leave: Ask sim to join/leave the balloon once your sim was in it.


This mod will conflict with mods that also alter:
Interaction: HotairBalloon:Raise, HotairBalloon:Land, HotairBalloon:WooHooSocial
Jazz Script: hotairballoon_store


Because EA didn't create the animation for height 2 and height 3, which made me devastated, but TheSweetSimmer(Savanita) told me that I may just need to raise up the balloon to make it work, and it did. I also have to change the jazz script because the woohoo animation for this part EA simply copy and paste the animation of height 1. But If you zoom too close or enter tab mode, the blanket may glitch out when you woohoo on height 2 and height 3. Zooming out or exit tab mode will solve the problem. (reason unknown)

If the sim refuse to stay in balloon or immediately landing after launching, I recommend to temporary disable autonomy. I did coded that the other sim will temporary disable autonomy while raising but it wasn't perfect (sims behavior, browsing web is more interesting than flying in the sky, very realistic).

Savanita for animation help!
heaven's hot air balloon mod
Battery's script mod template
Visual Studio 2022
Multiple modder's tutorial
EA for the balloon