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FIXED Finally - Totally Tabular! - Floor plants made for tables

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2008 at 3:18 PM
Updated: 25th May 2010 at 8:19 AM
Better late than never: I finally fixed the "planter" subset in the GMND for the "Ring o' Posies" package. I had been wondering why the planter wasn't recolorable and I had dissected everything but the GMND. *facepalm*I had it set to "planters" ugg.

I disliked the fact that the plants that came with most of the EPs were floor only. What's up with that? The image below which introduces the download will tell you what EPs you'll need in order get them in your game correctly. The file names are under ShrunkenNameofPlantHere.package so it will be easy to find if you do not have the specified EPs. Do not be discouraged by the icons below, they are only there to tell the downloaders which EPs the plants came with. Anywho, enjoy!

I have added the "Rubber Tree Plant" from the base game to the download, no need in redownloading, though, as I have added them while they were in the queue. The picture is at the end of the post.

My policy: I ask that you do not redistribute my homes/lots/objects publicly without permission. You may include my objects in your lots, but with proper credit (link/name). Go ahead and share my stuff with your friends via e-mail/aim/PM/etc. HOWEVER, they are NOT allowed on paysites, including the free section of TSR. I don't care how proportionally free to pay, your site is. 99.9% free does not cut it... 100.00% free does. 100% NO EXCHANGE, though. You may include my objects in your lots, but with proper credit (link/name). Credit is not necessary for taking pictures with my objects/things/etc, although a little exposure is nice once in a while; however, if I do get to uploading sims, you must credit who my sim is, if you choose to use them as a model for your objects/clothes/etc. Feel free to improve my stuff; but if you do choose to improve or change-up my stuff, please tell me, I'd love to see what you did! And if you choose to upload it, by all means tell me.

Polygon Counts:
Polygon Counts
Fancy Finicky Fronds
Faces1484 Verticies1083
Bonsai Bonanza
Faces1216 Verticies1368
Planter's Ficus
Faces1211 Verticies1147
Pot of Roses
Faces1188 Verticies1324
Ring of Poises
Faces1428 Verticies1116
Stimulated Succulent
Faces1036 Verticies983
Rubber Tree Plant - picture in thumbnail below.
Faces666 Verticies575

Additional Credits:
- The creators and devs of SimPE.
- Lord Darcy for the extra decorative slots!
- Aikea Guinea @ Club Crimsyn for the books pictured.
- IgonorantBliss for her tutorial on slaving Maxis objects
- Frazzlemiester for thinking that "Totally Tabular" was lulzy
- Everyone in the IRC/@PMBD/S2C who gave their support morally/etc.