Nakano Sisters

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Hi !
I’m introducing you the Sisters Nakano. Enjoy them !

PROFILE – Kato Nakano :
Kato is an ambitious woman. By her father’s insistence, she ventures into the field of business as a real estate broker. But one day she realizes she has even bigger dreams and sets her eyes on becoming a CEO of a Megacorporation. Is she too much ambitious ?

Traits :
  • Flirty Charismatic
  • Party Animal
  • Good sense of Humor
  • Ambitious

Favourites :
  • Sushi
  • Pop
  • Black

PROFILE – Yuki Nakano :
Yuki is the youngest in the family. She grew up well, though it was in silence and loneliness, her parents too much focused on Kato, the successful girl. Yuki felt abandoned but she never shed tears, how brave is this. But she swore to get noticed by her parents and people around her in a near future. Now that she left home, she wants to impress them by becoming a World-Renowned Surgeon.

Traits :
  • Neurotic
  • Brave
  • Good
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Friendly

Favourites :
  • Salmon
  • Classical
  • Black

Custom Contents :

You don’t absolutely have to download the files below, but if you’d like Kato and Yuki to look like in the pictures, you’ll need :

- Face and body Skin Default : by 234jiao
- Eye Default : Radiant eyes : by icedmango

Additional Credits:
- Thanks for the MTS Sims 3 !
- Thanks to the creators of CC !
- Thanks to those who helped me in the Creator Feedback Forum !

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