"Selina" Jumpsuit

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2018 at 10:56 PM
I made this as a follower milestone gift on Tumblr, but thought that I'd upload it here too I seem to have fallen into a very comfortable jumpsuit rut, but nevermind, here's another one!

The "Selina" jumpsuit is more suited to formal occasions than everyday wear, but of course, you are perfectly welcome to wear it to the shops if you're feeling particularly fancy! It features a one-shoulder, loose fit style with a tie-belt and wide legs; perfect for attending that extravagant meal where you know that you're going to inhale every morsel of food that finds itself in your path.

There is one channel option with four different channels:

a) Main body/legs
b) Ombre on upper body and lower legs
c) Top detailing
d) Belt

Enabled for:


Basegame Compatible

The mesh animates smoothly (after much swearing and poking and prodding TSRW, but it does inherit some minor clipping from the EA meshes that were used in its creation.

Polygon Counts:
High 4455
Medium 2218
Low 1113

Additional Credits:
Lyralei and Buckley for helping me figure out my mesh explosion.
Gayars for cheerleading!