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Gipsy Carts (BG + EP1)

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2012 at 5:07 PM
Waiting a long time for horse related objects made by EA I was disappointed that there was nearly no horse carriage found in the last EPs but some decoration. So I decided to start converting these objects from Sims 2. Intentionally I chose the deco and the tent version of the gipsy carts, still waiting for EA-made carriages of other types that include the option of horses being used with them.

Though these are no cars/carts Sims can use to drive with, the objects can be found in the catalog by function under vehicles - miscellaneous. The decorative version of this cart named "Gipsy Cart - deco" is base game compatible while you need EP1 - World Adventures for the static tent version found as "Gipsy Cart - static". Buy the objects at 500 $ for each of them.
Both of the objects have four channels for color options. Using geostates the cart for EP1 shows the door closed and open when a Sim enters the object. Of course the animation might look strange because it is the same as used with a tent.
The objects differ from each other concerning the footprint. The deco object (Gipsy Cart - deco) covers 2x5 tiles, the static tent object (Gipsy Cart - static) covers 2x6 tiles.
I made three color options for each of these carts but I'm sure you can do it much better than me.
Install them to your Mods\Packages-folder like every other package.
I hope you'll enjoy these carts and don't download if you don't like them.


Polygon Counts:
Deco version (Gipsy Cart - deco):
vertices = 10225; polygons = 10712 (high lod)
vertices = 7118; polygons = 6578 (low lod)
Static/tent version (Gipsy Cart - static):
vertices = 11012; polygons = 10712 (high lod)
vertices = 7661; polygons = 7090 (low lod)

Additional Credits:
TSR; Peter&Inge Jones; Atavera; Wes Howe
Charme699 for the textures the color options of these carts are based on.