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Tom Duhamel's Enhanced Gameplay Cameras: High Altitude Option

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2013 at 10:56 PM
Tom Duhamel's Enhanced Gameplay Cameras: High Altitude Option


While working with my Build Mode Volcanoes, I realized that I needed in-lot cameras that were able to climb to similar heights as the neighbourhood camera. My preference in custom cameras is Tom Duhamel's Enhanced Gameplay set, and with Tom's permission I have adapted his Live, Build and First Person cameras to allow for higher altitudes. I suspect this adjustment would also be useful for those using any really high in-lot buildings or objects, such as space ships, fantasy palaces and floating cities. In any event, once I became accustomed to the change, I have not experienced a disadvantage in having this extra flexibility while playing more typical lots.


This release modifies the following three in-lot camera files:

1) LiveCamera.txt - the default in-lot camera, used in play mode as well as in build and buy. This is typically the most often used camera of all.

2) BuildCamera.txt - used in build or buy mode, but only if you select the Top-Down view button. This camera tends to be rarely used.

3) FirstPersonCameras.txt - the Free Camera selected with the Tab key and applicable to both the in-lot and neighbourhood views. This one removes the user interface and is a favourite for clean picture taking.


1) Locate the folder My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras using Windows Explorer or an equivalent file manager.

2) Backup all files in this folder. This is essential in case you wish to return to your previous configuration.

3) Extract the files from the downloaded archive to the Cameras folder - they do not go in Downloads like most custom files.

Note: These files each work independently, so it is not necessary to install all three if you would prefer not to.

Usage Note

The First Person or Free Camera has been modified to move slowly to allow for precise positioning during picture taking. As Tom suggests in his original upload, it is easier to use the Live (default) camera to travel to the location you want first, switch to the Free Camera with the Tab key, make some fine adjustments and then take the picture using a clean screen.

Terms of Use

Please do not redistribute these files.


These config mods. are based on Tom Duhamel's Enhanced Gameplay Cameras
GIMP 2, IrfranView, Microsoft Paint and Photo Editor for graphics texturing, processing, sizing, and labeling
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for development and testing
Duds' Star Trek: NCC-1701-A Enterprise is used to illustrate high altitude camera usage with a spacecraft
V1ND1CARE's The Halls of Moria forms the foundation for the Build Mode Volcano lot
Eva's Swooping Dragon provides the dramatic tension for this high altitude adventure