Teen and Adult career: Devon Coven, with chance cards

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Teen and Adult career: Devon Coven (English/German)

edit: I fixed the icons for all my careers. Thanks to lientebollemeis for showing me how. (Version 1 only)

This career is vague based on Buffy - The Vampire Slayer. The Devon Coven is an association of witches located in Devon. They are first mentioned in the Episode "Grave" (6x22) when they loan Giles their magic, so that he can stop Dark Willow. In season seven the Coven helps to rehabilitate Willow and later finds potential Slayers and sends them to Buffy. We don't learn that much about the Devon Coven in the series, so I had to invent alot myself, but every information given can be found in job descriptions and chance cards.
All levels have Chance Cards and the entire career is available in English and German.

As always, I translated the text from German to English, so corrections are very welcome, of cause also coments and questions.

Again huge thanks to Emma_Barrett and Superfly for their great tutorials about how to create a career.

Detailed job descriptions: (If you want to be surprised, don't read them )

Chance Cards

The Icon Shows Spinster's Rock, a Stone circle in Devon, because I thought a traditional wiccan coven would visit such places.

For now this is my last Buffyverse career but if you miss something, tell me and I'll see what I can do.

Additional Credits: SimPE

Age: Teen Adult Elder
Career Type: Supernaturals
Chance cards: All

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