New Teen Career: TV Club

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2022 at 1:19 PM
Well, it's probably pretty obvious which show I had in mind, but I tried to make it as neutral as possible. Let your sim teens experience the full spectrum of a great new streaming experience.

All levels have chance cards. The complete "career" is available in English and German.
The icon is from ingame. The career has its own GUID and I linked it with the journalism career.
I use the UC but it's a simple teen career so it should work with seasons, the EP that introduced the journalism career.

As I would say on another site, if you like it leave kudos and comments.

Level 1 - Enthusiast
Mon, Thu, Fri: 5-6pm. Earnings: -5$ (for popcorn and stuff).

Okay, so there's this new show and everyone is totally into it. Normally you're against anything that "everyone" likes, but the previews made you curious and ... Wow! You watched the first season in one sitting and now you really need to talk to someone about it. Luckily, some of your classmates feel the same way. You meet three times a week to share your favourite moments and characters, theorise together about how the plot will progress and, of course, watch the latest episode together.

Chance Card:

Level 2 - Shipper
Mon, Thu, Fri: 5-6pm. Earnings: -10$ (for fan articles).
Requirements: Creativity: 1; Charisma: 1, Friends: 2

Honestly, you've never been this interested in a fictional relationship before. But these two characters just belong together. Maybe it's because it would be the logical progression of both their relationship and the plot as a whole. Maybe it's also because there seems to be such chemistry between the actors. The way they communicate with their looks alone. You can only hope that the writers got that too. And above all: Kiss her already, you idiot!

Chance Card:

Level 3 - Fanfiction Author
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 5-7pm. Earnings: 0$
Requirements: Creativity: 3; Charisma: 2; Logic: 1.

So, you still think it's the best series to ever flicker across the TV screen. At least the first six seasons. Because honestly, what were the writers smoking? Or the producers? In any case, someone has gone crazy. All the characters suddenly ignore all the hard lessons of the last six years. The plot picks up speed rapidly, but in the completely wrong direction. And then the wrong ship too! After moaning and grousing for a while, you've decided to channel your frustration into more productive channels. You may not be able to change the "official" canon, but you can write your own. And you are sure that there are many who will be happy to have an alternative. Well, another alternative, because the community is already quite active. All the better, because most of them seem to be swell people. You can't wait to read the comments on your first chapter.

Chance Card: