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Little 'n Local - NO CC cheap shops

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2016 at 6:08 PM
Because most of my Sims are not rich - or even extremely poor - they can't afford fancy community lots, and after putting all their savings together they can hardly buy an small unbuilt piece of land.
So I decided to make over Bluewater Village tiniest shop, Little 'n Local, on a mini lot for extra economy.
Dirty brick walls, shabby wood floor, almost completely empty... it shouts CHEAP! And indeed it is! As little as §5,706!

But you wonder what good can come out of this. With a little bit of re-decorating and some goodies to sell this shop may look great. Small, cute... local!
Would you like me to show you a few examples?

Fashion store
Bricks were whitened, wood floor renewed.
Perfect for an street market, since the clothes are outside the building under an awning. Also perfume and jewels for sale inside.
Price: §36,238

Toy store
Wall as colofur as it can get, matching fence. Cute children wallpaper inside.
Features a little playground to entertain children while their parents buy, and a hidden backdoor which leads to a private room (so the owner can lock the door).
Price: §21,832

Meant as a second hand store, so no much redecorating here. Mostly cleaned those bricks.
Some magazines and book stacks outside, also chess for entertaiment. Old-looking book(shelves) inside.
Price: §19,725

Enlarged the building, got a metal & black look. Concrete terrain paint.
TVs on the left aisle, music & computers on the right one.
Price: §57,345

Built an smaller second floor. Cleaned the outside bricks, got an elegant wallpaper inside - but in the kitchen.
Also looks like a good shop for an street market, offering groceries and coffee. Sittings for dinner and a kitchen inside.
Price: §37,748

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price (furnished): §5,706 - §57,345

Additional Credits:
aelflaed for the Sunnyside community lots.
Fraps & Gimp