-Kiddie Clowns- FT Clown for Tots and Kids

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2014 at 3:41 AM
Here's another age conversion that I've been waiting for but never seemed to appear. The first Halloween costume I can remember ever wearing was a clown outfit when I was a toddler. It had these big poofy yarn pompom buttons and a silly neck ruffle. While I personally think the adult clown suit is dumb, it's super adorable for the kids and toddlers! (I asked my teens if they wanted it and they said it was too lame for them so I didn't bother.)

Oh gawd clowns!

You get a both genders outfit AND the hairstyle for both ages, so that's 8 files total. They textures are pulled from the FT adult clown, so you need FreeTime, and if you have default replacement textures, these will pull them as well.


Polygon Counts:
Kid Clown Outfit: 2526 polys
Kid Clown Hair: 580 polys

Tot Clown Outfit: 2532 polys
Tot Clown Hair: 580 polys

Additional Credits:
Creds to CatOfEvilGenius for her hair binner tool. That nifty program has been saving me TONS of time!