Tatiana Maslany as 7 Orphan Black clones

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2015 at 11:58 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2018 at 7:19 PM - updating CC link
UPDATE - 11/2015: Added the clone that was introduced in season 3, Krystal Goderitch.
UPDATE - 01/2017: Added the clone introduced in Season 4, MK.

"Just one. I'm a few. No family, too. Who am I?"

In January I've started to watch Orphan Black, and it become one of my favorite TV shows, and that feel of "I *must* make a sim of Tatiana Maslany" always came to my head, and after talking to a friend who watches Orphan Black too and he convinced me of creating her.
And, after one month of work, here she is

CC List:

CC needed for all versions:

- Head Shape Slider by johna
- Facial Sliders by bella3lek4 (uploaded at Youtube)
- Nose Bridge Bump Slider by Voices
- Chin Width Slider by GnatGoSplat
- Ears Height and Inner Eyelid Shape Slider by Sage
- Overlip Curve Slider by Nysha/Whiterider
- Chin Bone Height, Just Eye Height, Nostrils Depth, Nose Tip Width, Nose Tweak and Nostril Curve by OneEuroMutt
- Facial Sliders by aWt, uploaded at Leefish (all of them but the eyeball sliders)

- Skin: Navetsea Glam Edition DEFAULT. Since Mediafire deleted his files, you'll need to go to this thread to download the skin.
- Basic Eyebrows by PralineSims
- Toffee and Pancake Nosemasks by BrntWaffles
- Sunrise Eyes by PralineSims
- Eyelids v1 (eyeshadow version) by Dutch

- I used MasterController to layer the makeup and some accessories;
- Most earrings might not work well since the ear height has been changed;
- 2x slider range was used to sculpt her face.

Additional Credits:
To @mixa97sr , @ameenah.n.y ,@SimmyRN , @Tigerdyhr , @Gingerxyz and @malfoya , who helped me at CFF. Seriously, without your help it would be quite impossible to create her. You're all awesome <3
To the CC creators, without your hard work it would be impossible to create her too.
To the Orphan Black Wiki, it helped me in the bio of every clone
To the folks on WCIF Forums who helped me at finding CC for M.K.
And to the pose creators, who created so awesome poses :D