Jogging motive changes

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Uploaded 25th Jan 2017 at 5:03 PM · Updated 18th Mar 2017 at 6:28 PM by gummilutt

Long time no see! I'm back with another global mod for you all. If you're active at Leefish you might have already seen it as part of Fishmas 2016, but since I know not everyone checks that site (really, you ought to!) I decided to share some of my gifts here as well.

I give you jogging motive loss changes. Update! Now with a pet pee version. See below for more details.

What is this?
This is a global mod that changes how the hobby jogging interaction affects motives. I like having some of my Sims go for a jog in the morning and I find the motive changes are rather unrealistic, especially for pets. Pets don't get stinky enough to need a bath just from jogging, and from what I hear jogging is supposed to give you energy, not leave you half dead even though you just woke up.

Now comes in two versions, regular and pets pee. Only use one of them.

In this mod I have separated the motive changes so that jogging affects Sims and pets differently. Sims will get hungry and be in need of a shower, but take less of a hit to energy and comfort. Pets will get very tired and happy, but won't see much change to hunger, hygiene and bladder.

MotiveMaxisWith my mod - SimsWith my mod - Pets

Motive bars go from -100 to 100, so -100 is an empty bar, 0 is a half full bar, and 100 is a full bar. If you think motives should be affected differently than my changes, the mod is easy to modify to your liking. See below for instructions.

Pets pee version
When I made the jogging mod originally I reasoned pets don't get to stop and pee everywhere when jogging so I decided to leave it a low decrease of bladder motive. But in light of my Pet Hiking Motive Changes-mod that fixes the hiking interaction so Pets come back with full bladder motive, it seemed silly not to add a version of this that does the same. After all, there's no reason why you can't let your dog or cat pee before starting the jog.

So, if you want your pets to come back from a jog will full bladder, get the pet pee version. All other motives are unchanged from what is listed above.

Requires Freetime.

Will conflict with other mods that affect jogging motives. Unlikely to conflict with mods changing other aspects of jogging.

Does not affect Smonaff's base game jogging mod.

How to edit
To edit this mod you will need SimPE. Open the package file in SimPE.

If you for some reason can't edit it yourself and you'd like different numbers than what I offer, you are welcome to ask me for help. Anyone could do this themselves, but I know SimPE can be overwhelming or might not work on your machine, so I'm happy to help you out.

You are most welcome to edit this for your own use, but please don't upload your modified version anywhere. If you'd like to use my mod as a base for something, send me a PM and we'll talk about it

Thanks to iCad who bounced ideas with me on this project. I'm not a jogger so input on what is realistic was most appreciated. for letting this mod be a part of Fishmas 2016. Thanks to Santafish for organizing it, and Leefish for hosting the site. If you haven't checked out the gifts from Fishmas I suggest you do so as there were lots of fun creations. If you are interested in my contributions you'll find them on day 9, 12, 15, 23 and 25 part 4.
If you like this mod, you might also like Pet Hiking Motive Changes by me here on MTS.

Type: Fixed Global Mods

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