Vending Machine Fix

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2019 at 10:43 AM
Updated: 14th May 2021 at 10:57 AM
There are a few problems with Apartment Life vending machines. This mod fixes them:

- The game only allows unselectable sims to autonomously buy from vending machines. Note that I am talking about the Buy interaction. There is a separate Purchase interaction for when the vending machine is set for sale (OFB), and there is nothing wrong with Purchase. However, because the game only allows unselectable sims to buy from the vending machine, this rule excludes Apartment Life roommates, who are considered to be selectable, because they are. This is why if you have a roommate and some vending machines on an apartment lot, the roommate will constantly Browse the vending machine, but will not be able to buy anything, and their Hunger will get really low, and finally they will leave the lot to increase their needs (Run Errands). This is now fixed, and roommates can freely buy from vending machines.

- Maxis set the instance number of the "CT- Set to Empty" BHAV on the drink vending machine to 100B, but they should've set it to 100A, which is what the semi-global uses. This is why the drink vending machine throws errors whenever the game attempts to set the Out of Stock state. This would only happen on OFB lots, but now it is fixed as well.

UPDATE 1: Vacation pals will also be allowed to purchase from the vending machines now, as they were prevented by the game because they are technically selectable. In addition, sims are now prevented from initiating the non-OFB Browse and Buy interactions towards any vending machine if the vending machine is currently in use. I realized that Maxis forgot to add these checks which results in sims constantly trying to browse or buy and fail the interaction which then causes stuttering and lag. I made it so that sims use Maxis' "In Use Smart Check" code, which only prevents sims from autonomously initiating these interactions if they are sufficiently close to the object, and can see that the object cannot be interacted with.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life.

Interaction - Buy - Vending Machine - TEST/0x7FE10572/0x0000208F
CT - Set to Empty/0x7F7BB086/0x0000100B (changed to 0x0000100A)