Compatibility Script for Arsil and Sweet Toddler's mod

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Uploaded: 18th Oct 2020 at 8:37 PM

Hello, I'm PuddingFace. This is a simple pure scripting mod. This mod will make Arsil's Child2Toddler2Baby and TheSweetToddler's Adults can Play Peek-A-Boo & Hug Toddlers compatible with each other.


1) Download Arsil's Child2Toddler2Baby mod here

2) Download TheSweetToddler's Adults can Play Peek-A-Boo & Hug Toddlers mod here

3)Put the two mods in your mods/packages folder like you do with any other mod.

4)Open the TST_AdultsCan_PlayPeekaBoo&HugToddler.package file with S3PE. Delete the two ITUN files for Hug and PlayPeekaboo. And save.

5)Download my mod. And place into your mods/packages folder.

6)Done Just delete the 4 cache files like you do after installing any new mod and play the game.

Additional Credits:
TheSweetToddler for her Adults can Play Peek-A-Boo & Hug Toddlers mod.
Arsil for Child2Toddler2Baby mod.

My patreon supporters:-
Justin, MrsSanta, Mason Salvatore

All the people who have helped me with their tutorials and in the forums.
Buzzler, CmarNYC, Nonamena, Lyralei, Battery, VelocityGrass, Chain Reaction to name a few.