Enhanced Fairies

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Uploaded 29th May 2022 at 5:02 PM

Hi Everyone,
I'm PuddingFace. And this is my Enhanced Fairies mod. This mod adds more spells and abilities to fairies and allows child fairies to use all fairy abilities.


So when zombies came to attack the fairy's garden they had to ask each other for dust to cure the zombies and make them go away. They couldn't just directly use their own dust on the zombies. And a lot of people including me also wanted fairies to properly fly instead of just hovering a little when running. So I started working on this mod to address all that.

Currently no special requirements. But you will need my Enhanced Witches mod for some of the spells to work properly.

Install like any other mod. Extract using 7zip or WinRAR and place on your mods/packages folder.

- Fairies fly using jet pack animations. Make them fly to other lots for this to activate using fly here or fly to lot interaction.
- Child fairies have access to all the tricks, spells and auras as well as the ability to fly to other lots.
- Many new spells are added. This includes charms, curses, elemental spells, jinxes.

If your fairy's bloom spell is not showing up I believe Nraas hybrid has removed that. I saw a discussion about it in their forums.
And if there are any other issues. Please let me know.

My Patrons for their support and motivation. Thank you very much.
EA and Maxis for Sims 3 S3PE VStudio 2015
Buzzler, NonaMena, CmarNYC for their tutorials.
Helpful mod authors like Chain_Reaction , Lyralei, Battery, Gamefreak130 and many more for help with various problems over the years.