Villa Bianca - No CC

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2022 at 10:10 PM
Here's my first ever mansion build for the Monty's quarter of Veronaville. I've meant to upload this lot for years but I've had a family in there ever since. In some of my previous uploads, the feedback was to upload a furnished lot, therefore I decided to leave the interiors within the upload this time.

I'm exceptionally proud of the way I was able to use the exterior arches and pillars, along with the gardening to create such a beautiful and exotic exterior for this lot. The home as you can see is built around the swimming pool, giving it a resort feel. The actual shape of the two main buildings are just generic rectangles, but with the long hallways and walkways, I felt this lot was able to develop a great depth of character.

What makes it unique is how the lot is essentially two homes. Whilst one functions as the main house and has all essential rooms, the smaller building was utilised for recreational uses i.e a gym and games room. The actual living space of this lot is pretty huge and has four bedrooms including a master suite and large main bathroom. The downstairs is relatively open, but the main hallway and upstairs landing take a large share of the space. Within the second building there are two large rooms per floor, along with two additional bathrooms. Through the walkway that connects both buildings, I created a tiny chapel which I thought was a really unique addition to this lot. It's also a great secret room!

The main downside to this lot is there isn't much of a back garden. Whilst there is a lot of space at the front, if I were to rebuild this I would have placed this on a larger lot and extended the rear. However on the top floor is a huge roof terrace which lends itself well for parties!

Given there are so many furniture and decor collections fit for this type of architecture, I feel the interior suited the mansion really well! Most rooms had just enough space and allowed the furniture to sit perfectly in the rooms.

I assume most people will utilise this lot in Veronaville for one of their wealthier families on the Monty side. It fits perfectly into this neighbourhood and looks stunning alongside the other homes. I always wondered why so few homes were created by the game makers for the Monty's side of Veronaville whilst the Capps had so many in comparison!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I look forward to your feedback