Guard House (From Simcity BuildIt) - No CC

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2020 at 5:03 PM
Updated: 30th Oct 2020 at 4:26 PM
This was actually one of my quickest and easiest replications I've done. Since I've had the experience of building many of my castle replicas from SimCity BuildIt, I found this to be a lot less challenging and simple.

One of the hardest challenges I usually face when trying to replicate builds' is that The Sims 2 doesn't provide the right wall paint options, however for this design I felt like all the ideal resources were available to me in the game!

What I like about this design is that it's relatively simple in structure, but has enough variation in it's shapes and wall colourings, to attribute it all the character it needs. I really enjoy a build that doesn't involve too much symmetry and has a variety of different angles and features, so for me this felt very fulfilling.

I managed to build similar clocktower to my other castles, with a spiral staircase running down from top to bottom. I chose not to overdo this with window installations, as often it can make the towers look too busy. My favourite feature of this design is the incorporation of the yellow, to which I was quite hesitant towards using since I didn't have the perfect wall paint option in my head prior to the design. I like how the yellow walls and cream brick work brings out a warmness to the lot, despite it being quite medieval in theme. I also really like the brick style used for the walls. Initially I went with a more modern brick, but I felt like this style gave it a much more historical feel, alongside the stone pavement that outlines the majority of the lot.

Despite the lot being relatively small, it costs $51,400 unfurnished. It has three medium sized reception rooms downstairs with two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. Although this has been built as a residential lot, this may be better suited to a community lot as a medieval market. I also feel as though the lot actually blends in quite well with the Monty's side of Veronaville.

If you are interested in finding any similar lots to place this with, please check out and download my castle builds here: City Fortress, Old Town Stronghold and Countess' Citadel Castle On A Lake. By now, I've nearly built enough for anyone to download a small town!

Do you think I did the Guard House in SimCity BuildIt justice? Please let me know your thoughts!


Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): $51,400