Pleasantview with Tutorial Joe and Jane

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2022 at 3:08 AM
Updated: 20th Aug 2022 at 5:23 PM
After finding you that Tutorial Joe is the child of Bob and Betty; I have always felt that Joe and Jane should be residents of Pleasantview. So I did just that. This is meetme2theriver's clean Pleasantview (with townies) with Tutorial Joe Sim and Tutorial Jane Sim (called Joe Newbie and Jane Newbie in this hood) from the sims 2 tutorial as a bin family.

Version Compatibly
All versions of this hood were made with the Ultimate Collection so I believe that you need Mansion & Garden Stuff to use it.

Important things to note
*Joe and Jane don't have their lifetime wants and turn ons and turn offs set so they will be random.
*I gave Joe and Jane proper memories just like the maxis premade.
*I set the family ties for Joe and Jane so they are related to Brandi.
*Joe and Jane do have relationships with the members of the Broke family
*Joe and Jane have proper recessive genes.
*Brandi does have the memories and Joe joining the family and Joe aging up.
*Joe is friends with Daniel.
*Jane's parents are in the family tree.

Update 1
*Jane's recessive genes didn't save for some reason. I fixed this.
*Changed Joe's recessive genes to make more sense.

If you have already started playing this hood, then you can change the recessive genes yourself. If you don't know how to do that then you can follow this guide. (One thing the guide does not say is that for recessive skintones you change the SkintoneRange number but not the Skintone number.)
(Select the link and click "go to")

Joe's recessive genes
brown eyes
black hair
tan (skintone 2)

Jane's recessive genes
dark blue eyes
brown hair
dark (skintone 4)

Update 2
*Jane's parents are no longer set as townies and now they are in the same category as the dead premades.
*Brandi now has memories of Joe getting engaged and married.
*Dustin now has a memory of Joe getting married.

Added a 2nd version called the no Bella version.
This version also makes Bella actually be missing the exact same way as my "Clean Pleasantview without Bella Goth".

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to reintroduce Bella at some point while playing this hood, then don't try to resurrect her in game. You would need to go into SimPE and delete her death token.

Update 3
Added a shopping district version for the regular and no Bella versions for people that play uberhoods.

Update 4
*Changed Peggy and Roger's appearance so now it matches their appearance in the tutorial.
*Joe and Jane's interest now match their interest in the tutorial.
*Fixed an issue where Joe and Jane did not have a one true hobby.
*All of Joe and Jane's outfits now match their outfits in the tutorial.
*I originally had it so that Joe and Daniel met while Daniel was a teen, however I realized this makes no sense since Daniel is way older then Joe. I fixed this plot hole.

Update 5
*I just realized that mod the sims bugged out and didn't update the no Bella main hood version to the newest update. This should now hopefully be fixed.
*Joe and Jane now start with some skills.
*Fixed a couple of very minor oversites that I made.

Update 6
*Both subhood versions now have unique filenames which fixes an issue where the subhood versions would not show up in game.