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Lilith Honey Honey Skin Tones on Showerproof Melodie9 Fat Family Meshes

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2022 at 1:18 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2023 at 10:27 AM
This is a set of custom skins made of five of Lilith’s Honey Honey skin tones that I linked to Melodie9’s Fat Family meshes.
I picked the skin tones that Lilith used for her default replacements (S1 is lightrose, S2 is sunkissed, S3 is oliveskin, S4 is sunset). The original skins can be used alongside my Fat Family versions without conflict.
I did not create the skintones or the meshes, I only linked the ones to the others. Thank you so much to Lilith and Melodie9!

Showerproof Skins
These skins are “showerproof”, which actually means that the body shapes they are linked to will ONLY show up when the sims are nude (taking a bath, streaking, etc.). They have no effect whatsoever on clothing, because clothes use their own meshes.

Meshes Required
You need either Melodie9’s Fat Family meshes, or BlooM’s sexy feet edit.
If you opt for BlooM’s version, the required files are “MESH_FATbabynakedbody.package” (that’s the toddler mesh) from the “clothingmeshes.rar” set (first download link) + the whole “showerproofmeshes.rar” set (that’s the meshes for children and older - last download link).
Without either Melodie9’s meshes or BlooM’s meshes, your sims’ bodies will appear invisible when they are nude.

Clothing for body shapes
Showerproof skins are meant as a complement to bodyshaped clothing based on the same mesh - or a similar one, depending on how realistic you want things to be (I personally don’t mind having a sim with a skin tone linked to Melodie9’s Fat Female wear clothing based on a Momma Lisa mesh).
You can find Fat Family outfits on Melodie9’s MTS page, and here are more Fat Family & Momma Lisa outfits made by other people (explore the creators’ pages for even more): AF set by keoni - AF outfit by Skulldilocks - AM outfit by Jane - TF set by Moni Lisa - TM set by 2FW - Momma Lisa clothing by Slig

Custom Skins
These are custom skins, they are not geneticized and townified. If you wish to genetify and townify them, and assign them genetic values that work with the skins you already use, check out Rikkulidea’s tutorial: https://rikkulidea.livejournal.com/23079.html

Technical details
All bodies use the soft texture originally meant for the fat state. As with the original skins, elders’ faces don’t have wrinkles.

- Lilith for the original skins
- Melodie9 and BlooM for the meshes
- Marvine for the tutorial on how to link a skin tone to a custom nude mesh
- CatOfEvilGenius for the tutorial on how to remove/add face and body textures
- Slig for the inspiration - check out their blog for more bodyshaped showerproof skins and clothing