Modulin Set - Part 4 - The Bridal Shop [updated]

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Uploaded: 9th Dec 2021 at 11:06 AM
Updated: 6th Jan 2022 at 11:37 AM
Update: the required CC is now less of a hassle to download! Most of what was non-included is now included (I initially misunderstood a thing and took a needlessly complicated approach, sorry about that). The lot itself wasn’t altered in any way.

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This is a store for your sims to buy their wedding outfit before the big day, or get any formalwear for an upcoming event.
I use it as a regular community lot but add an open/closed sign and it can become an active business.

Here’s the full CC list, don’t forget to download the non-included CC:

Non-included CC

Downloads preceded by M are also required for the Minimart (part 1)
Downloads preceded by F are also required for the Flower Shop (part 2)
Downloads preceded by T are also required for the Toy Store (part 3)
Downloads preceded by H are also required for the Home (part 5)
Downloads preceded by P are also required for the Playground (part 6)
Downloads preceded by C are also required for the Corner Apartments (part 7)
Downloads preceded by I are also required for the Fishing Spot (part 8)
Downloads preceded by A are also required for the High-End Apartments (part 9)
Downloads preceded by ∞ are required for all lots from the Modulin set.
This means that if you’ve already downloaded another lot from the set, you can disregard the files marked with the letter corresponding to that lot, since you should already have them in your game.


Wedding Shop Add-ons: you need all three bride mannequins, the dress rack and the two groom mannequins.

BetterbeSim on TSR
CPure Inspiration Bathroom 2, Mirror vert. Used in the bathroom.

Stacked Shoe Boxes (download the whole set and - unless you want more - only keep): “1BoxStackBrowns”, “1BoxStackMESH”, “1BoxStackRoses”, CA“2BoxStackBlueFlower”, “2BoxStackBrowns”, CA“2BoxStackMESH”, “2BoxStackPinkStarr”, “2BoxStackPinkStripe”, C“3BoxStackBrowns”, HCA“3BoxStackMESH”, “4BoxStackBlueFlower”, “4BoxStackMESH”, “4BoxStackPinkStarr” and “4BoxStackPinkStripe”.

Ms Barrows on TSR
-∞Eloquence Single Glass-Ornate Door Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-FTAEloquence Double Glass-Ornate Door Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-THCAEloquence Single Tall Ornate Window Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-TEloquence Double Tall Ornate Window Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-Decrepit Victorian Set - Faded Grey Railing
-For the back porch fence: IVictorian Indoor Railing - Faded Grey and IDecrepit Victorian Set - Faded Grey Fence.
-MFTPCVictorian Fence-Matching Stairs - Peeling Blue
Important: There are custom instructions to install these stairs, you can find them on this page, under the “Required” tab (the stairs used in this build only require you to copy-paste the paragraph starting with “#msb_vicporch_peelingblue_modularstair”).
-For the archways on the upper level: Matrix Window - Standard Straight MASTER MESH, Matrix 2-Tile Set - Archway with Transom (Straight) and Old Cream Stained Glass - Fanciful.
(Non required diagonal version of the archway here)
-Luxuriare Sofa Mesh

Included CC

Angie’s Sims 2 - Recolors of Nemestnaya’s Chesterfield sofa: “angie-nms chesterfield rec beige”
Note: when you're on the dropbox page, if nothing happens when you click download, try changing the page's url from "" to "". Then click download again and it should work. You can do this for all dropbox links that seem to be broken.
Buggybooz - KitchenBasic set, in master meshes: “BB_KitchenBasic_Counter”
Buggybooz - Shakerlicious kitchen: counter
Buggybooz - Bindi lounge: glory garland
Buggybooz - Feast of Frames, first download link: BV style frame 3, BV style frame 6 large, suspense style 2-tile frame, suspense style 3-tile frame, transcendence style frame 4 large; second download link: BV_TravelPoster_RC7_SNMeisel, BV_TravelPoster_RC8_SNMeisel, BV_TravelPoster_RC9_SNMeisel, Suspense_RC3KBirch, Suspense_RC4KBirch”, “BB_RecolourPoster_Suspense_RC5KBirch, Suspense_RC6SNMeisel, Transcendence_RC1SNMeisel
Cassandre - Color Trends Shop BPS shared by Riekus13: bag 5, bag 7, bag 8, bag 10, bag 11 + rc1-2-3, bag 12, bag 13 + rc2-23, ballet flats + rc1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14, bangles, gloves 2 + rc6, gloves 4, heels + rc5-6-15, stillettoes
Curiousb - Neighborhood Terrain Default Replacements Set: neighborhood sidewalk tiles (seasons version)
Feenwald - Loveseat version of Nemestnaya’s Chesterfield sofa shared by Michelle
Gwenke33 - Seasonal hydrangea bush: mesh and rec05
Hek - Buggybooz’s KitchenBasic Recolors: tileswhite, tilesgray
Honeywell - Interior Wall Collection: Bohemian Brick in “Hi-Yo Silver!”
Honeywell - Recolors of the bathroommate foot rug: “bathroommate-rug-RC-4gray-medium_honeywell”
Inzey - Boho bag shared by Domicile-Interior (9th link on the page, just the mesh)
Liz - Claybee business set: community phone recolor “liz_biz_clyb_phoneComm-clay
Liz - Lilac bathroom set: toilet RC “liz_bath_llc_toiletOlde-lilac_KBS”, sink RC “liz_bath_llc_sinkFloral”
Liz - La Mer bathroom set: Anytime Candles RC “liz_bath_mer_decoCndls-base-azure”
Liz - Lilac living room set: Anytime candles RC “liz_lr_llc_decoCndls-violet”
Liz - Unicorn Nursery: clam shell sconce RC “liz_nrs_uni_ltwlClam-05grey”
Liz - Celebration Plants Recolored: Bridesmaid No More bouquet RCs “liz_27cel_plant-bnm_14-ballet”, “liz_27cel_plant-bnm_23-sky”, “liz_27cel_plant-bnm_24-mint”; Fiorella RC “liz_27cel_plant-fior_14-ballet”; pedestal plant RC “liz_27cel_plant-ptlstl_23-sky”
Liz - Pink Sugar Bathroom set: Bridesmaid No More bouquet recolor “liz_bath_pksg_plantBNM-salmon_CEL”
Liz - Lilah bedroom set: RC of the harmonious centerpiece plant “liz_bed_llh_plantHarm-orng_CEL”
Liz - Harmonious Glass Recolor
Michelle - Changing Booth Recolors, in OldFashionedChangeRoom-MALM-Colours-ByMichelle: blackbrown, white
Michelle - Four Quaint Items in Pirate Woods, in Ad-a-QuaintCoffeeTable-PirateWood-ByMichelle: CoffeeTable-Driftwood
NekoSayuri + - Mannequins: Yuxi suit, bridesmaid PF + Lemonlion recolor, CM FakePeeps suit, Skell A line flower girl + saturated pink recolor + top2 recolor, toddler tux + English grey recolor.
Nemestnaya - in Michelle’s Chesterfield Sofa Recolours upload: main mesh “NMS - Chesterfield”
P34nut - Yellow Birch Wooden Floors: nougat
PineappleForest - Heap of Decor (in the shiny set): main mesh ShinySerratedTrayLarge_MASTER, shiny dessert tray, small serrated tray, RC PlainSilver
PineappleForest - Lamp Collection: Glass&Brass master mesh “PF_G&B_AntiqueBilliardLamp_MASTERmesh”, G&B lantern fence light, G&B round wall lamp, G&B bell pendant light, G&B fantastical street lamp; RCs Satin-Marble and MetalSteel
PineappleForest - Sweet Bouquet set: sweet bouquet medium mesh, RC LargeFlowerArrangement-Sweet--03C
PineappleForest - Luxiaire Loveseat Recolors, in LuxiaireLoveseat_SatinsPatterns&Plain: Fabric_Pattern02DamasqueBeige; in LuxiaireLoveseat_OldFrames: Frame__Old03paintWhite
PineappleForest - Vanity Desk Recolor: vanity_marble
Pixelhate - Time Factor Walls: BrickStrip 05-A, BrickStrip 05-B, BrickStrip 05-C
SepiaFlower - Modern Wallpapers Set 1: full #9, full #7, wainscoting #6
SepiaFlowers - Clothing racks recolors: “ShirtRackRC1” and “ShirtRackRC4”
Shastakiss Yeti Chalet recolors - AL wooden railing rowboat recolor, AL radial wooden stairs rowboat recolor, BG Japanese maple bluegreen recolor, BG club counter / commercial club counter / uni espresso counter wood recolors counterclubbase__kelp, counterclubtop__shell, OFB storybook counter wood white recolor, BG quaint table white recolor, OFB Euro pedestal white recolor, BG craftsman window driftwood recolor
Shastakiss - Veranka Bakery Today’s Special sign recolors: rowboat
Shoukeir/Sims2Play - Effort Standing Mirror: mesh + recolor
SilentLucidity - Full Range Shiftable OMSPs: end table OMSP 1 + invisible recolor
Suratan - Half-tiled Walls and Matching Floors: tiled floor 10
Suratan - Recolors for the Isotopia rug: “suratan_isotopia_rug_random_54”
Taylor - Formal Mannequins: 4t2 wedding tiered
Taylor - Two More Mannequins: beo bride 11 + pink recolor
TheJim07 - Built-in Halogen Spots
Veranka - TS3 Bakery set: cash register, Today’s Special wall sign, Today’s Special wall sign RCa01
Veranka - Cambria dining decor: tulips 2
Veranka - One Dining: painting

Default replacements (non-included, non-required)

Shastakiss - BG community trash can default
Shastakiss - BG floor lamp default

Additional CC used in my screenshots (non-included, non-required)

Criquette&WitheredLilies, Greatcheesecakepersona, Lowedeus - Skylines: “Alpine”
Curiousb - Neighborhood Terrain Default Replacements Set: dirt terrain replacement, dirt road replacement, road overlay (the download links to the bundles are broken, you have to use the yellow link to the individual downloads)
Lowedeus - The Great Sky of Totalitarianism: neighborhood skybox in “Tower”

Additional credits and thanks to Mootilda for the Lot Adjuster and the Clean Installer.