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Whysim/Tea Leaf Skin Tones on Showerproof Aquilegia Androgyny Meshes

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2022 at 11:31 AM
This is a set of custom skins made of skin tones by Whysim and Tea Leaf that I linked to Aquilegia's Androgyny meshes. The original skins (which can be used alongside my Androgyny versions without conflict) can be found here and here.
I did not create the skintones or the meshes, I only linked the ones to the others. Thank you so much to Whysim, Tea Leaf and Aquilegia!

Showerproof Skins
These skins are “showerproof”, which actually means that the body shapes they are linked to will ONLY show up when the sims are nude (taking a bath, streaking, etc.). They have no effect whatsoever on clothing, because clothes use their own meshes.

Meshes Required
You need Aquilegia's Androgyny meshes, otherwise your sims' bodies will be invisible when they're nude.

Clothing for body shapes
Showerproof skins are meant as a complement to bodyshaped clothing based on the same mesh - or a similar one, depending on how realistic you want things to be. Here are a few examples of clothes made for the androgynous shape: Aquilegia's set, Lifa's Button-down Shirt Outfits, Lifa's Cardigan Cutie Outfits, Simstralia's Binders, Pixelcat's Outfits for TF and AF, Skulldilocks Androgyny Underwear Sets.

Custom Skins
These are custom skins, they are not geneticized and townified. If you wish to genetify and townify them, and assign them genetic values that work with the skins you already use, check out Rikkulidea’s tutorial: https://rikkulidea.livejournal.com/23079.html

- Whysim for the original skins that I used for S1-S4
- Tea Leaf for the original skin that I used for S5
- Aquilegia for the meshes
- Marvine for the tutorial on how to link a skin tone to a custom nude mesh
- CatOfEvilGenius for the tutorial on how to remove/add face and body textures
- Slig for the inspiration - check out their blog for more bodyshaped showerproof skins and clothing