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[No CC] Veronaville Reno - The Monty Ranch (3 br, 2½ bath)

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2022 at 4:56 PM
Updated: 6th Sep 2022 at 10:48 PM
Concluding the trilogy, here is my recreation of the third big house of Veronaville, the Monty Ranch. See the Capp Manor here and the Summerdream House here.

Once again, the build is still very recognizable, but more compact, more functional, and hopefully more esthetically pleasing as well. The lot is 50x50 (vs 60x50 for the original). It costs §148,347.

If you do want to replace the original Monty Ranch, make sure that you’ve moved the urns out to a community lot before you bulldoze it.

The telescope above Isabella and Patrizio’s bedroom isn’t for stargazing as much as it is for spying on the Capp Manor, which is roughly in its line of sight. I thought that would be fitting, because of the feud of course, but also because Consort Capp is Veronaville’s dedicated telescope pusher.
The bedroom with the easel is meant to be Romeo’s because his one true hobby is arts and craft.
The inner yard and the garden near the grandparents’ bedroom have plots of plantable soil because Mercutio’s one true hobby is nature. Plus Isabella is a great cook who might want to have fresh produce on hand (technically cooking is Patrizio’s one true hobby but it should probably be Isabella’s if we look at the base game lore).
I imagine Mercutio would also be the one tending to the fishtank most of the time because of his hobby but also his very high interest in animals. His bio describes him as “the joker of the family” (and not the “joke” of the family as I first misread it uhm), he is rather playful and has a very high interest in toys. I had all those things in mind when decorating his bedroom, and that’s also my reasoning for giving him the one that’s right next to the playroom where the game console is.

No CC was used and I don’t have the Ikea pack.

The default grass terrain replacement used in the screenshots is Siletka’s edit of CuriousB’s grass replacement.