Functional Toddler Slide

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Uploaded: 25th Jun 2024 at 3:00 PM
Updated: 26th Jun 2024 at 6:31 PM
- Big thanks to thepancake1 for exporting the slide model from TS4 for me to convert and my supporters for testing!
- And massive thanks to Sandy from AroundTheSims3 for letting me convert her playground toddler slide into a functional one!

I always thought the base game slide was a bit too big for toddlers (even though I did make it usable for them) so why not let them have a little slide of their own!


Mod Info

• This mod was built and tested with game version 1.69, but should work with v.1.67 as well.
• What type of mod is this? - This a new object mod, adding a new toddler slide converted from The Sims 4. This can go in the packages folder.
• Animations - All new animations made by me.
• Translations - This mod is currently only supported in English.

Object Info

Jungle Gym Toddler Slide
• LOD0 - 998 poly count
• LOD1 - 586 poly count
• Has 4 presets & 3 Recolorable channels
• Costs 45 Simoleons

The slide can be found in Kids Room - Toys or in Outdoor - Outdoor Activities.

Sandy's Playground Toddler Slide from ATS3 is required for the playground slide override package to work (which also requires the base mod).

Object Functionality

• Toddlers can play on the slide regardless of their walking skill, but when playing, it will increase it. There are 3 animation variations that toddlers can use when sliding down. Toddlers can also crawl through the tunnel part, and will sometimes stop and look around for a few seconds.

• Sims aged teen-elder can also let a toddler go down the slide by clicking on it and selecting the interaction.

• Children can also go down the slide, and when there are toddlers around, depending on their traits and relationship with the child, they can react positively or negatively to the child as well as gain relationship with them.

• When using the Play On or Crawl Through interaction, toddlers will play on loop (while switching between the two interactions) until motive failure or if they are directed to do something else.

A tuning file is present for changing things like the fun, social and LTR gain, or change the behaviour of how children see the slide (such as whether they can continuously slide on it or not).

Mod Preview

Conflicts & Known Issues

This is a new scripted object, so conflicts are very unlikely. No known issues were found!


-Enjoy and Happy Simming!