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Maitland Meanderings - a Eugenics Challenge with a twist
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Next: Chapter 2: Start of a Relationship
A/N: For story purposes, I’ve started each of my founders off separately so that they have to build their relationship up in-game. I’ve also broken the rule about using a standard legacy lot. And for the record, I don’t consider Sy Snootles “ugly” – she’s an alien, and therefore bound to look a bit odd! All credit for her goes to Elephant right here at MTS.

Chapter 1: A New Start
Location: Coventry Rhoades

Growing up, Jeremiah Maitland never thought he would find love. His rather… let’s say… unusual looks didn’t endear him to his classmates. The boys shunned him, the girls were scared of him. Despite his studious nature, college never appealed. So once he turned adult, Jeremiah packed his bags, applied for a mortgage and moved to a new area in the hope of finding someone who could accept him for who he was.
And here he is.

The new house:

Lake View
Loch Approach
Coventry Rhoades

Monday morning in early summer and Jeremiah was surveying his new acquisition. The mortgage hadn’t been enough to get him the best, but it was a house. A little sparse on furnishings maybe, no colour to speak of, the staircase was a monstrosity, the kitchen looked like it’d be more at home in an institution and the bathroom only just squeaked through with the pre-requisites of bath, basin and bog! At least the double bed fitted nicely into the master bedroom.

“Morning!” A cheerful-looking dark-skinned girl wearing a yellow coat and baseball cap over a lime-green shirt and blue shorts approached the house. Shaking hands with Jeremiah she introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Sophie Pratt and I'll be your paper-girl. Welcome to the area.”
“Well hello there Sophie. Is it just newspapers you deliver?”
“Nope, if you ever want a magazine I’ll be the one leaving that too!” Sophie grinned, and giving Jeremiah a little wave, went on her way. Her parting shot floated back to him, “Bye! See you tomorrow!”

After reading the paper from cover to cover, and discovering to his dismay that nothing in the “Situations Vacant” section appealed to him, Jeremiah considered having sandwiches for lunch. However, he’d forgotten that fridges don’t fill themselves!

Good Morning, Greenham Groceries.
“Yes, hello, can I place an order please?”
Certainly sir, and will 1.30pm delivery time be suitable for you?
“That’s absolutely fine, thank you.” After placing the order for what items he wanted along with giving his address and confirming that cash on delivery would be acceptable, Jeremiah went through to the lounge and switched the television on. There had to be something remotely reasonable on the box!

BING-BONG! Dead on 1:30pm, the delivery arrived. Diana Reeves was driving, but unlike Sophie she didn’t stop to talk, simply handed over the goods, took the money and left.

Five minutes after that, the smell of lunchmeat and mustard pervaded the atmosphere as sandwiches were swiftly made!


Jeremiah wasn’t the only new face to grace Coventry Rhoades. Over on Bridge Street, a young alien asylum-seeker had just moved in. Meet Sy Snootles.

She’d had a terrible journey. Her home planet had been threatened by an unstable blue giant only 10 lightyears away, so she’d been forced to leave as soon as she came of age. The spaceship she’d hitched a ride on was ancient and had sounded like it was about to fall apart at any moment. Upon seeing this lush green planet, she’d hidden inside an escape pod and hit the release button. Anywhere in the Universe had to be better than on that rustbucket!

Little did she know that a chance meeting with a red-haired stranger would change her life…

Click Next: Chapter 2: Start of a Relationship to continue...

Next: Chapter 2: Start of a Relationship
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