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Chapter 20
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A/N: Sorry about the long hiatus since the last update. Also, I got stuck for a chapter title, so I've just left it with the number.

“Which room next?” Kellie was ticking off her ‘To Do List’. “We’ve done the kitchen, bar the fridge…”
“Which we’ll replace once the old one’s empty…”
“The lounge could do with a spruce-up. You’ve chucked that old pottery wheel, haven’t you?”
“The one no one was using? Yes, and dragged in that grand piano you insisted we buy!” Jonathan had found that while it fitted in the gap, getting an instrument of that size through the house hadn’t been easy – he’d been glad of his father’s help on that score. Once in position, Sy practically glued herself to the seat!

Although he hadn’t been sure about Kellie’s taste in décor to begin with, Jonathan had to admit that once the room was finished it DID look good! While Kellie amused herself by sticking a soppy romantic film on the new TV, he looked at the spare canvases next to the easels and pondered what to paint.

It didn’t take long for inspiration to strike, but due to his messy nature, Jonathan preferred to change out of his regular shirt so as not to get paint splodges down it!

Kathryn was growing fast. In what seemed like no time at all she was a toddler! Just like when she was a baby, Grandma Sy spent hours with her!

Kellie did manage to teach her daughter to talk though.

That Friday, Stephanie bounded into the house clutching her latest report card.
“Look Dad! A+ at last!”

Despite being woken up during daylight hours, Jeremiah was ecstatic. It was the best ending to the week he could imagine!

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