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Chapter 10. A House Full of Teens
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A/N: Ask and you shall receive! Thanks for the comment LovethMia!

Jasper and Jonathan became teens with little fanfare. But then, birthdays tended to come and go quietly in the Maitland House.

They were total opposites in every way. Jasper seemed studious, but what he was really interested in was eyeing up the ladies. Jonathan outwardly appeared the class joker, but he worked hard at the same time. Both boys shared a dream of attending University.

* * *

Friday night was boogie night down at Crypt-O-Night Nightclub, and by 8pm you could be sure of seeing Jonathan propping up the bar. He only ever drank lemonade; it wasn’t the drink he wanted (although dancing is thirsty work), it was the atmosphere… or should that have been the pumping tunes emanating from the dance-floor?

Whatever his “official” reasons for going out were, he always made time to chat.

Jasper joined him on occasion, but found that after a drink or two, having a go on the club’s “Electro-Sphere” was not the best of ideas!

The girls preferred to spend their free time playing sports. Susan loved playing catch with Jeremiah, while Serena was less social – instead using her skipping rope for hours!

However, whatever they did during the day, once bedtime arrived it was customary for the girls to give Jeremiah a hug, then have Jonathan read them to sleep. Only when they were dead to the world would he close the book and head to his own room.

* * *

When the girls also became teens, Sy started feeling broody once more. Jeremiah wasn’t too sure about having yet another child, as there just wasn’t space for a nursery. Any baby born prior to the boys leaving home would have to sleep in their room.
“Please…” Sy’s wish of hearing the patter of yet more tiny feet just wasn’t going to disappear.
“Very well, we can try for another baby if that’s what you want, but we’re both getting older and you know how fertility rates drop over time.” Jeremiah didn’t think it would happen.
Two months later:

Looks as though Sy’s wish has been granted.

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