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Chapter 9: Children, Clashes and Challenges
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A/N: Sorry about the long gap between this and the last update - was struggling with one section. However, I've now managed to get back on track and will be able to push on with the story.

Amazingly enough, both boys were up, washed and dressed in time for the school bus arriving just after 8am. Jasper was the first one out of the door, and looked excited to be leaving the house.

Jonathan wasn’t far behind, but appeared slightly more wary approaching the big yellow vehicle parked outside his home.

Serena didn’t even notice the boys weren’t home – she was more interested in the teddy bear at the foot of Jonathan’s bed!

The boys’ first day of school appeared to go well.
“Mum, would you help me with my homework?” Jonathan had cornered Sy outside near the telescope. Sy readily agreed.

If only everything went as smoothly as homework. Jonathan was prone to tantrums when things didn’t go his own way, and both boys were constantly bickering.

“Get off your high horse bro – you’re not that good-looking!”
“At least I’m better-looking than YOU!”
Unfortunately for Jonathan, this was actually true. Aside from his rather prominent cheekbones and green skin, Jasper looked like all the other neighbourhood boys, and believed that his pseudo-good looks would ensure that Jeremiah named him heir to the legacy. By contrast, Jonathan’s facial structure was all over the place. He didn’t think Jasper would make a good heir due to his fiery nature, but apart from that hadn’t given any thought to the future.

Soon it was the girls’ turn to grow up. First came Serena:

Then Susan:

They were definitely a close pair – that very night the two girls were playing cops and robbers in the kitchen, while Jeremiah supervised from the lounge. Jasper amused himself with toys in his bedroom. And Jonathan? He was around somewhere.

* * *

“Boys, this constant fighting isn’t doing you any favours.” Sy had noticed the rivalry was showing no signs of abating and the twins would be teens in less than a year. “Have you ever thought about making up?”
“Well, he started it!” Jasper accused, referring to the latest brawl.
“Only cos YOU called me names!” Jonathan shot back.
“Look, I don’t care who started it or how, but that’s enough from both of you. Now if you Jasper, can desist from the name-calling, will you Jonathan, stop attacking your brother?”
Jonathan nodded, tired of the tension between them, but Jasper’s anger could still be seen in his blazing eyes.
“I’m sorry Mum. And I’m sorry for fighting with you Jas.” Sy turned to Jasper.
“What about you?” she asked. Jasper shrugged.
“I guess…” he sighed, knowing that until he also apologised, he wasn’t going anywhere. “Sorry Jon. I won’t call you names again.”
“Good. Now how about the two of you go and play together while I finish making dinner?”
Soon the air was ringing with the sound of pretend shooting!

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