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Chapter 14: Jonathan’s Uni Years, Part 1
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A/N: Thanks for commenting again LovethMia, glad to know you're enjoying the story so far. You made me laugh though - in all the time I've played Jonathan, I've only ever shortened his name to "Jon", never "Johnny"! Not that I mind you doing so .
I'll be focusing on the main legacy line once the heir is declared, but rest assured that I AM playing the spares as well and will post updates periodically.

Unlike his brother, Jonathan decided he’d stay in dorms rather than renting somewhere while he studied for his degree. However, a small place was preferable.

He settled in quite rapidly, and could be found in the lounge area most days, whether it was just chatting with the various dorm-mates, watching TV or even studying!

There were times when he missed his old haunt as a teen, so he still made the journey downtown on occasion; dancing, chattering… even checking out the ladies. After all, none of the girls he shared the dorm with were “his type”!

Before long, he’d spotted one woman who aroused his curiosity. It took some time, but eventually he plucked up his courage to speak to her.
“Hi there… I’m Jonathan.”
“Kellie. Nice to meet you. You… come here often?”
“I did as a teen. I’m at Uni now.”
“Good for you. Want to hang out?”
And so it began.

Jonathan soon found it wasn’t just his curiosity that was aroused when he was near Kellie. Could it be that this mystery woman would be his soul mate? Sure, she might dress in an old-fashioned way, but she had modern mannerisms, and didn’t look any older than him.

“Can I take you out to dinner?” Jonathan asked shyly. Kellie smiled, but in an odd way that hid her teeth.
“Here?” she asked, indicating the club, “or would you like to go somewhere else? If you’re not sure, the food’s reasonable for a non-dedicated restaurant.”
Jonathan agreed.
“Here’s fine by me.”

“Tonight’s been awesome.” Jonathan said, finally clearing his plate.
“I’m glad…” Kellie looked slightly uncomfortable; he couldn’t fathom why.
“What’s wrong?”
“Look… I’m really sorry, but I’ve got to go… it’s not you, I promise!” Kellie was already heading towards the club door.
“Hey, I’ll call you!” Jonathan shouted after her.
“Just make it after 7pm, okay?” With that, Kellie disappeared.

Perplexed, Jonathan went back to campus whereupon he threw himself into class and doggedly wrote his term paper.

However, finding a scented envelope in the mailbox a couple of days later put all thoughts of study out of his mind… for the moment anyway!

“Hey, want to come over?”
“I’ve got a better idea – let’s go to Bernard’s.”
“Okay, see you there.”

Kellie walked him home. Holding hands outside the dorm, Jon asked,
“Kellie, would you go steady with me?”
“I’d love to.”

Unbeknown to Jonathan, someone was watching them.

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