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Chapter 8: The Terrible Twos, Twice
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Chaos reigned in the Maitland house. If Sy and Jeremiah had thought one set of twins was hard work, they hadn’t seen anything yet! Potty training the boys was in full swing, but all other attempts at teaching seemed curiously absent. Maybe it was because Sy kept hiding out in the girls’ room – making almost non-stop attempts at nursing them. Jeremiah couldn’t teach two boys to walk and talk alone, while simultaneously keeping them and himself fed, clean and happy. Well, the boys were happy enough, but Dad was having very little fun!

Sy soon realised that the girls weren’t going to be sweet biddable babies for much longer, and worse, were due to become toddlers before the boys reached school age. If two toddlers were bad, what were four going to be like?

Her fears were soon confirmed. Jasper and Jonathan were four when the girls became mischievous toddlers at the age of one. Serena had a similar mix of her parents’ genes as Jon:

Susan seemed to get away with nothing more than Sy’s mouth:

Despite the unusual looks of their children, Sy and Jeremiah were just pleased that they were growing up healthy. They’d known from the start that none of the kids would look “conventional”…

In fact, the two sets of twins were bonding quite well with each other. Serena and Jasper could be found together quite regularly, and the activity table in the lounge was a constant source of amusement. However, while the girls were friendly towards each other, the boys’ relationship with the other wasn’t quite as good, as proven not long after they turned 5. Despite the lack of cash, Sy and Jeremiah had redecorated the boys’ room to celebrate their sons "graduating" from cribs.

“Why should I share with YOU? I hate you!” Jasper moaned for the umpteenth time, poking his brother Jonathan in the chest.

“Cos Mum needed the other bedroom for our sisters, that’s why…” Jonathan had said this about as many times as Jasper had moaned about sharing, but he felt obliged to say it again. With Jasper constantly taunting him, having to share wasn’t any more fun from his perspective either.
“Well, I’m the oldest, so I should get what I want! Which is everything! I shouldn’t have to look at your ugly face every time I turn around!” This time Jasper shoved Jonathan, making him cry.

“That’s it, cry! Go running to mummy, she won’t do anything!” Jasper had a mean streak in him, and knowing that Jonathan was in general a much nicer boy, wasn’t afraid to use it. In fact, Jonathan was the nicest in the family.
“That hurt!” Jon wailed, rubbing the area on his chest where Jasper’s sharp fingers had left a mark.

“Boys!” Sy had heard part of the commotion, and had come upstairs to investigate. “That’s enough from both of you. It’s bedtime, and you start school in the morning.” With a final glare at his brother, Jasper climbed into bed. Jonathan followed suit.
Later, Jeremiah came to tuck both boys in.

How would their first day at school go?

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