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Chapter 12: Jasper's Uni Years, Part 1
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“Where to mate?” The taxi driver had arrived at SSU campus, but wanted to ensure his young charge got safely to his chosen abode.
“The ‘Bright’ House, please. They’re looking for a roommate.”
“Right you are.”

So Jasper moved into the Bright Household. Over their first lunch he got to know his housemates: Jane Stacks, Allegra Gorey and Martin Ruben.

Would one of these become his life partner?

Before long, Jasper got down to business, declaring his major and spending hours on the computer writing the first of his term papers.

Then working on his assignments.

By all accounts he was shaping up to be a good student.

“Alley, you look tired – can I give you a backrub?” By his second year, Jasper had firmly set his sights on Allegra. She was smart, funny and sent his pulse rate sky-high with merely a glance.
“Thanks Jas. I knew I can count on you to make me feel better.”

In fact, Allegra was falling for Jasper too: hook, line and sinker.

First, the all-important date:

She didn’t care that he looked somewhat odd, she just knew she loved him.

Unfortunately, Allegra wasn’t the only person who loved Jasper. Jane also liked him, although she would never admit it in front of her housemates, even to her mother!
“Yes Mum, I’m working hard, I have to – I’m in my third year… no I haven’t found a boy yet… yes, I know you want grandchildren … Alright Mum, I’ll keep looking, bye.”

University wasn’t all plain sailing. After falling for Allegra, Jasper started neglecting his assignments, and was sternly informed that if he didn’t start working he’d be on probation.
Allegra, who despite everything else going on around her was keeping up, was appalled.
“Jasper, do you really want to be expelled?” Jasper shrugged.
“Don’t worry about me Alley, I’ll be fine.”
Jasper's studies weren't the only thing going wrong...


“ARRRGGGHHHHH!” The yell from the lounge woke Jane, and she dashed in to find a shocking sight.
“Martin? You okay?” Seeing sparks fly, she could only stand and watch, cringing.

Oh dear. Maybe a repairman should fix electrical items, not students.

* * *

Somehow Jasper had scraped through to the second semester of his third year, and now felt that the time was right to pop the question.

“Allegra, I love you. I want to be with you. Would you, erm… would you…” Kneeling in front of her, he held out the small box. “Would you marry me?”

“Yes! I’d love to!” Jasper felt like he was the happiest man alive when Allegra jumped into his arms!

Whilst happy for her friend, Jane was a mite jealous. She was only one semester away from graduating, and still hadn’t ever been kissed. She may have been only 22, but felt as though her life was going nowhere. Until the night before graduation…
“Psst, Jasper…”
“What is it?”
“Come in here.”
“I was about to go to bed…” Jasper wondered what Jane wanted. He’d never been into the girls’ room unless Allegra was there, and she was downstairs watching TV.
Jane couldn’t help it. Whether it was right or not, she HAD to give in to the impulse.

First kiss. With the boy she loved, but unless things changed could never have. Still, as long as Allegra didn’t find out…

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