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Foundation Challenge: DDEclectic

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2009 at 5:19 AM
About this lot:

This lot was built as part of a #create channel challenge - build a lot on a particular foundation, without making any changes to the foundation.

This lot was Deluxe Designs's foundation, and turned out my favourite of all of the lots I built for this challenge.

I don't know what I was going for originally, but once I found the M&G coloured brick and started blocking out colours on the outside, I knew I had my lot. Eclectic doesn't even begin to cover it - with a dark fuchsia, bright yellow, and mellow cyan exterior, and every colour of the rainbow coloured inside, this lot is definitely not for everyone's taste!

I've decorated it with a family of artists in mind - people who enjoy funky, mismatched, weird stuff in bright colours and a myriad of designs. There's paint splatters here and there, and tons of activities for creatively-minded sims to be found on every floor.

5 bedrooms (with room for 7 sims), 6 bathrooms, plus 1 communal washroom, and balconies galore.

Thanks to:

Deluxe Designs, for a really enjoyable foundation.
Phae, for the foundation challenge.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 157,947