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Maywood House – Small villa – No CC

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2009 at 3:42 AM
A representative little villa with a very functional and family friendly layout. It will sleep at least four sims and can easily be adapted for more – without touching the floorplan, nine or ten sims could comfortably live here. The house sits on a 20x30 lot which is fully landscaped with a pool, outdoor sitting/dining/barbecue, covered terrace and balcony, driveways, a vegetable garden, and a play area for the children.

On the ground floor is an entrance, a small formal living room, a bathroom (toilet) and a formal-ish dining room with open kitchen – a 3x1 dining table would also fit in here, if six is not enough (see post #2 for an alternate layout). A larger family living room is in the basement, along with a full bath and an empty spare room; the upstairs floor has three bedrooms, a full bath, and a play area for the children with access to a large open balcony. On the top floor is a double bedroom with private bath.

1 x double bedroom
3 x single/twin bedroom (one of them a nursery)
4 x bathroom (one of them private)
1 x kitchen/dining
3 x living room
1 x spare room (empty)

Playtested with 5–8 sims plus guests for more than a sim week. See post #2 (first comment) for overview screenshots as well as an alternate layout for the ground floor (with an extra bathroom; might be useful if you have really many sims).

Even though this house is really compact, it is quite a bit larger than my other ones – I had to lower my settings in order to play without lag. I recommend you test how it performs before moving in your favourite family. (I have a relatively nice computer – 2.4GHz dual core, 4GB RAM, GeForce 8600M GT –; OTOH, looking at all the uber mansions on this site, I take it people tend to have better machines than I do. So it may not be an issue for you).

Please don't PM me with questions. Post questions/feedback about this particular house in this thread, generic build mode stuff in the Build Mode forum. Thanks.

Base Game content only. This house will look exactly like on the screenshots.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 91.030§ F, 59.185§ U