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Hagrid´s Hut

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2010 at 4:53 PM
Hagrid´s Cabin from Harry Potter series.

This small hut consist of only one room that serves as a bedroom, kitchen and a dining room. And since Hagrid is obsessed with monsters and none are available (yet), you will find at least a snake charming basket there. The smaller building on the left is an outhouse (a bathroom and a laundry actually). The garden with pumpkin patch contains some lettuce and flame fruit bushes. First trees of Forbidden Forest loom just behind the hut.

Requires World Adventures, Ambitions and Riverview.
Build with patch 4.2.32

Size: 30x20
Price: Furnished 26 204
Unfurnished 17 799

CC included:
Pumpkin by Fresh-Prince
(I checked this object with Delphy´s Dashboard and it was labeled as corrupted, so I fixed it and included the fixed version. Thank Fresh-Prince for this lovely pumpkin in his post, please. )

CC not included:
Sunbaked Thatched Roof by QBUILDERZ

EA Store items:
Ever Leaves plant from the Eco Set (free)
Harvest Bounty set (free)
B. Harvard´s Water Collection (deco shelf, not necessary)

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 26 204

Custom Content Included:
- Pumpkin by Fresh-Prince at MTS

Additional Credits:
Delphy for his Sims3Dashboard and BlueLotObjectsFixer