10 Base Game Family Starters (No CC)

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This is a small collection of family starter homes for The Sims 3. These houses were particularly made for families with many children and all of them were built with base game objects only. All lot sizes can be added with the World Editor if not already available in your game. Just make sure to choose a flat area to place the lot, otherwise you may need to edit the borders of the lot before you can use it. You may also will need to correct the terrain paint of the lot unless you place it on a similar ground.

The Lot Basics

All houses have at least basic furnishings and most of them include a toy chest for the children. A few houses are decorated with some plants, curtains, wall art and/or things like that. Some of them have extras like a vegetable garden, an easel, additional toys etc. and all lots with a garden have some sort of landscaping. Please see lot details for special features.

The houses were built for families with 3-6 children. Most bedrooms are made either for children or teenagers, however, some houses have a crib included in the master bedroom or an additional room with a crib. Some houses require to have at least one teenager or even grandparents (or other adults) included in the family to have enough money to buy the house.

The Basic Interior
  • bed, dresser
  • sofa and/or armchair(s), bookshelf
  • stove, kitchen counter, sink, fridge, waste bin, dining table, chairs
  • shower or bath tub, toilet, washing basin, mirror
For special notes regarding extras or alterations please see lot details in spoilers below.



A copy of each house ran through a short functioning and gameplay test with 4-5 sims (mixed ages) – all lots are playable, however, your sims may complain about cheap furnishings and cheap household appliances.

Only The Sims 3 Base Game required.
No Custom Content used/included.
Built/saved with Base Game Version 1.67
Cheats used: moveobjects (for objects, plants etc), buydebug (for vegetables and extra items), constrainfloorelevation and placefriezes.
Some roofs have different heights and will snap back to normal if you adjust the roof height with the slider.

Lot Size: see lot descriptions
Lot Price: see lot descriptions

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Delphy for Custard (used to check the files before uploading)