Skipstad Legacy Farm

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Do you have ambitions as a farmer, but would like to enjoy the good life too? Then this farm is for you. It has a big fountain with plants, a pool, bar, bbq, and lots of room for your outside extensions or fun. The farm area takes up the left side of the house where the bedrooms are, the garden has the right side of the house with the bar and entertainment area is. You will have to grow the plants yourself, they do NOT follow.

This house is the house I used for my Rosebud Challenge, earn 1 mill in the same household. It had just bare walls and just the farm part of the house. I tried to have 8 people on the lot at all times, with jobs and earning on the farm I needed 5 generations to finish. I have decorated the house with a pool and lovely garden. It should now be able to give you the same outcome with some work.

Growable plants doesn't follow the houses and I haven't been able to find a fix to that, so you will have to plant your own plants and evolve them to the top. I didn't fertilize the farm, so all earnings are without fertilizer. As all my farmers also had other jobs you should be able to send someone off to gather the fish and things you need for the fertilizer, if the farm is the only thing they do.

Below you can see my numbers for three weeks after I had finished my Rosebud Challenge and had fully evolved plants of bananas, grapes and apples ... almost. You can also see that adding more plants isn't going to grant you more pay instantly, on the other hand you probably need quite a few highly evolved plants to be able to earn a living growing this farm. My family had about 4- to 5000 each week to have fun with. Since I used this farm as part of my Rosebud Challenge it's needless to say it do pay to be a farmer.

You need to be prepared for a fase of developing though, and you can do that in different ways. You may want to have other jobs, cheat yourself some startup funds or have a mod to reduce the bills, or perhaps you have a big family already and just need the house. I read that parts of the weekly bill is income tax, and since my legacy had high paid jobs, the bills then should be quite high.

I had 8 sims with jobs and skill building, with extra works to do to finish in their career before they died. My goal was all the time concentrated around finishing career and making sure they gathered more income each generation. The farm wasn't my main objective as I couldn't be sure it would pay. It turned out to be very lucrative though with 4- to 5000 each week just on the grapes. At the lowest I had 4 adults with high paying jobs trying to keep the garden of apples, bananas and grapes bringing in the money. That was a bit tight, but I brought in more spouses and toddlers to keep the generations going. For that reason I don't think the gardening is that labor intensive unless you give yourself the goal of fertilizing the plants as well. I didn't do that, so I have no idea how much work that would be.

The House
Contains the main room by the main entrance, and it is facing the farm part of the house. 4 double bedrooms and 3 single follows off that in a horseshoe shape. One bedroom has the crib and the ensuite bathroom in a more expensive style. The other rooms have 3 bathroom to share.

The garden with a big entertainment room not furnished and a little room with a threadmill, the bar with bbq and a bathroom with dressingroom for the farm perhaps. Big fountain with a pool and some daybeds between them. Nice group of chairs by the fence overlooking the street. The computer room in the main room is just beside the outside seating in case your sims need some air between the game playing sessions. Computing and art was the main objective of this family, the more thing they could do earning money from home, the better.

Upstairs is 3 rooms you could use for more bedrooms or just whatever you like. They are not furnished either.

The house is hardly decorated to save money. As you can see on the floorplan the house is made for extensions, but only if you can afford them, and you will then have to decorate them yourself. I could have used some invisible lights, but they don't follow the house to you, so why bother?

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 173k
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Additional Credits:
No mods used by the time of upload.

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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