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Hidden interactions enabled

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2016 at 3:18 PM
Updated: 20th Feb 2016 at 1:43 AM
I'm very excited about the mods I have for you today. One of the reasons many of us think Sims 2 is such a great game, is the attention to detail in the coding. The personality-based behaviors and little quirks that you might discover after playing the game for many years make this game stand out. There's always something we haven't seen yet.

Among these great things, are hidden interactions that Sims may perform autonomously but that the player can't see or direct them to do. I think that's a shame, because it means a lot of players might not get to see them and they only show up rarely which means you don't get to enjoy them as much. While you can unhide them by the use of a cheat, it's not the safest thing to do and it unhides all hidden menu options, not just the ones you want.

As a safer and more player-friendly alternative, I have created three global mods that unlock some of these great interactions. The interactions included are snooze, window washing, and sliding on banisters. Sliding on banisters is a M&G interaction and requires M&G, the other two are from base-game.

Because each one is a separate mod, this thread contains a lot of information. To make it a bit less visually overwhelming, I will hide each mod-description under spoiler tags. Be sure you read through it all to know what you are getting though!

I'm very proud of these, as they are the most complicated things I've done so far. I couldn't have done it without BoilingOil though, so if you like this creation make sure you send a thankful thought to him for all his help. Perhaps go check out his creations?

For part two, click here.

What is this?
This is a set of three global mods that unlock hidden interactions that are normally only performed autonomously. They allow you to see the interaction in pie menu (see more exact details under each mod) and direct your Sim to perform them.


Window washing

Frequently asked questions
This mod does not work! I don't get any wash window interactions
Are you sure the windows are dirty? The interaction only appears on windows that are considered dirty by the game. See the information above for more details.

If you are sure your windows are dirty, are you using the Only Neat version? If you do, does your Sim have enough neat points for the interaction to be available?

The interaction just falls out of queue and nothing happens!
Your Sim must be in the same room as the window for this interaction to work. That's how it was coded by EA, and this mod does not change the interaction itself, it only enables it. Tell your Sim to walk to the room with the windows, and then direct your Sim to wash them.

Sliding down on banisters

Want them enabled but not autonomous?
It didn't occur to me when making this that someone might not want them to be autonomous, because they never happen autonomously in my game. Because there are already 8 mods in this, I don't want to go around making no autonomy versions and make it even more confusing to pick. However, if anyone would like one of these with the autonomy disabled, you are very welcome to request it and I'll make it for you.

Credits and thanks
A big massive thank you to BoilingOil for all his help on this project. Without him this probably wouldn't have been finished, and it would certainly not have come out as nicely as it did. I'm very grateful to have someone I can ask questions when I get stuck, with enough patience to deal with me If you would like to check out his many great creations, you can find them at Leefish.

A thank you to Phaenoh who reminded me that window washing exists. I had totally forgotten about it and might have forgotten to include it had she not mentioned it. Our conversations also got me thinking about autonomy, and reminded me that I needed to make sure the autonomy of these interactions was preserved.

A big thank you to joandsarah who helped me test this when I was having problems, which helped me find the problems and fix them. She was also a great help in remembering what hidden interactions there are. I wasn't able to figure all of them out, but I'll keep trying and one day they may see daylight

The creators of the CC that can be seen in the screenshots. If anyone wants to know where something specific came from, I can try to find out
Purple dreads worn by Amy sliding down spiral stair is by Nouk, found here. Amy is wearing Roman Ninja pants by CatOfEvilGenius, found here.
Brown braid worn by Emma washing windows, is also by Nouk, found here.