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Book changes

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2017 at 3:27 PM
Updated: 8th Oct 2017 at 7:10 PM
As a book worm, it bugs me that reading is so inferior to watching tv, playing games, or even watching art, when it comes to increasing a Sims fun. Reading is and always has been one of the most enjoyable things in my life, and I've decided my Sims should get to experience them that way as well. As a book worm, it also bothers me that Sims put their precious books all over the place, including the floor. That is not how you treat a book! And even if you don't care about books, it gets pretty darn annoying when every dorm in game is plastered with books all over the place. So I've made two mods to fix these two book-related annoyances of mine.

Book Fun Changes - Requires FT
This is a of global mod that makes reading books from bookshelves more fun. I've set the fun gain rate to 200 per hour in all versions, which means a Sim could go from a completely empty fun bar to maxed out in one hour. This may seem a bit excessive, but the original gain rate was 100 which felt very slow to me so I decided to double it. This mod does not affect reading a book in bed.

This mod comes in two variations. One where all Sims find books equally fun, and one where only Sims with a playful score of 5 or lower find books more fun. Some of you may recall I already made mods that alter the motive gain from FT books, called Freetime Book Fixes. This new mod conflicts with my old one, and because of that there are six versions to choose from. Which one you should use depends on if you want fun to be higher for all Sims or only serious Sims, and if you want cook books, romance books and sci fi books to affect motives. See the table below to help you choose the one you want.

When making the FT books EA decided to give some of them additional effect on motives. Cook books will decrease hunger motive by 1/4 of the bar each hour, sci fi books will decrease hygiene motive by 1/4 of the bar every hour, and romance books will increase social by 1/3 of the bar each hour. I think this is rather ridiculous, which is why I made my freetime fixes mod back in the day. It offered a fun only version that removes all motive changes except fun, and one that offers more realistic motive changes. This mod conflicts with all the versions in that thread, and I have therefore made compatible versions for both fun only and realistic, and of course one version that does only changes fun and leaves the others as they were.

Only use one version.

Requires FT. I'm sorry for making this require FT. I know Sims can read before FT, but book code is very annoyingly set up, and changes a lot in different EPs. Including all of the different variations is simply too much work, and would have gotten overwhelming for me and for you guys. If someone really wants this and does not have FT, let me know what your setup is and if I have the time I'll make a version for you. You are of course welcome to pick apart what I did and try to make your own version for your setup.

Conflicts with my Freetime books fixed mods. It conflicts with all of them, doesn't matter which version of it you were using. As listed above there are compatible versions, so just remove your old version of freetime books fixed and replace it with the same version of this mod.

Conflicts with mrclopes' read books autonomously mood. We both edit the same BCON, he lowered fun and set social gain from romance book to 50 instead of 70. So if you want this mod you could load mine after the read books autonomously mod, and the only difference will be that you get my effect on motives rather than the ones mrclopes. Everything else in read books autonomously will remain unaffected by my mod.

Will conflicts with mods that affect the book motive bcons, and motive change bhav.

Essa for the "What have you done for your game lately?"-thread. Always fun to read what others are doing for their games, and share what you've been doing.
Lamare for giving me motivation to get this ready to upload, after I mentioned it in Essa's thread.

All Sims Put Books Away
This is a global mod that removes the neat check so that all Sims put books back in the bookshelf. However, this does not mean a Sim will always put books away. There are some situations where even a neat Sim would put their book down somewhere else, and these situations will still apply. But over all you will see a dramatic decrease in books on floor/surfaces with this mod since all Sims will at least try to put their book back in the book shelf.

Compatible with all EPs and SPs. Download the version that fits your latest released expansion pack.

No conflicts that I know of. Will only conflict with other mods that affect the routine when putting away books.

gdayars who made me realize maybe more people might want this, and who also made me realize books are annoying everywhere, not just on dorms.