Gypsy Skirts for CU, TM, AM, EM

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Uploaded: 29th Jan 2018 at 2:41 PM
Updated: 29th Jan 2018 at 3:34 PM
I tried making gypsy skirts for AM a while ago, but I was never happy with the mesh. It ended up looking a bit deformed in order to minimise clipping and it had a high polycount, because of the alpha. I've since found a long skirt for TM to EM and I wanted to redo it with that mesh. Then I found a different mesh for children and made a unisex child version.

They clip a little with certain tops and certain positions, but it's not much. All the skirts use the Maxis textures from the 9 female gypsy skirts.

The TM-EM skirts are all recolours of this mesh. I had to move the UV map around a lot to fit the patterns on the gypsy skirt though, so the original mesh won't work with them.

The CU mesh is from Trapping's long skirt mesh here. Same thing with the patterns though. The flats are from Amaryll's dress here.

I also added versions with sexy feet, for those who want a barefoot gypsy look. These do have a higher polycount, thanks to the feet.

They are all everyday separate bottoms and all have fat morphs and the AM one has a preg morph.


Skell, for the female versions that made it so much easier to get the textures.

Polygon Counts:
tmgypsyskirt = 880
emgypsyskirt = 880
amgypsyskirt = 880
cugypsyskirt = 662

tmgypsyskirtSF = 5376
emgypsyskirtSF = 5376
amgypsyskirtSF = 5376
cugypsyskirtSF = 2330

Additional Credits:
Bloom, for his sexy feet.