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'Danger Darling' Top for Teen-Elder

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2019 at 12:21 PM
This is a project I've been keeping in mind since I first started creating CC, but back then I didn't have the knowledge or skill to attempt something like this.
While working on this I learned a ton about UV mapping - it doesn't mean I like it any more than before, though
At one point I couldn't figure out why the mesh displayed certain issues with the collars in Milkshape and overlapped some pants,
but remembered what @Lyralei told me in a thread a looong time ago about UV maps overlapping, and that was that!
In the end I had to move parts of the texture and UV map around to fit under the part mask, and also removed the weird bits on the collar that recolored to match the vest.

  • This is a top, separated from the Store outfit 'Danger Darling'. The tops do not require nor conflict with the outfit.
  • For teen - elder females, separate files.
  • All LODs and morphs, including maternity.
  • 4 channels, 3 presets, custom thumbnails.
  • Enabled for Everyday, Formal, Career, Makeover, Maternity. NOT enabled for Random.

Known issues
  • A bit of mesh distortion at the bottom if sims are very fat or pregnant (shown in pics above).
  • Some clipping can occur with more poofy bottoms, but most EA ones should be alright.

Polygon Counts:
LOD1: 3616
LOD2: 1916
LOD3: 690

LOD1: 3616
LOD2: 2104
LOD3: 887

LOD1: 3616
LOD2: 1805
LOD3: 827

Additional Credits:
Poses: Elexis, k2m1too, noelyely ("Style")
Skins: Kurasoberina
Hairstyles: Cazy, Iggysaurus-Rex 1 + 2
Backdrop: Murano