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Mid-Century Dining Set

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2019 at 7:46 PM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2020 at 4:44 PM
Here is my first cc object upload - a mid-century style dining table and chair!

They are both fully recolourable, with three channels each.

They come with just one preset, the pale wood shown in the screenshots, and match each other.

They should both be found where you would expect them to be - the table with the other dining tables, and chair with the other dining/office chairs

The table costs 350 simoleons and the chair costs 250 simoleons.

Known Issues:
I made these objects without TSRW and so I had to do the sunshadow myself. However, the table's sunshadow's PosScale value I calculated didn't work, so I used the EA table's values instead. The shadow is mostly right, but the corners flick up a bit weirdly.
But seeing as this is an indoor dining table, as long as you are using it in its intended indoor dining table way, the slightly dodgy sunshadow won't affect you at all

I hope you like them

Polygon Counts:
Dining table: high lod - 110, low lod - 62
Dining chair: high lod - 236, low lod - 84

Additional Credits:
Tools and Resources used: S3PE S3OC Texture Tweaker Tool by Igne Jones
cmomoney's Blender Tools
Butterbot's sunshadow tutorial