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Buzzler's Scribbling Pad - Fixed

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2021 at 5:48 PM
What Is This??
This is a small edit of Buzzler's Scribbling Pad to fix and tweak things slightly.
This handy little notepad gives your sims the ability to write novels, reports, etc. the old-fashioned way. You know, moving a thing called pen over a sheet thing called paper? It's way cheaper than a laptop, doesn't need a surface to be used and technophobes can use it without getting the heebie-jeebies.

Changes Made
There was an issue with the original version, where the strings were missing for 3 book genres. This has been fixed, so all available genres should show up correctly for writer sims.

I also made some edits to how sims use the pad/put it away.
Before, sims would always put the pad in their inventory after using it, so if you had Scribbling Pads on community lots, they'd end up getting stolen. Now, sims will only put the pad in their inventory if they had it in their inventory to start with. So if a sim is writing on a pad that was left out, they will close it and leave it on the table.

I also noticed an issue when sims are using a pad that's on a surface, where to pick it up they would first sit down, and end up standing up while also still be technically sitting on the chair - it was weird, but now that's fixed.

If the pad is on a table and in a suitable place to write from, sims will still pick it up and then put it in the same place to begin writing. If I can work out how to have it so they just sit down immediately then I will update this, but it's more of a Sim Thing than a real problem.

Everything else is exactly the same, the functionality, the catalogue info, and it WILL CONFLICT with the original.
If you want to replace the original, you can just replace the old one with my package file and existing Scribbling Pads in your games should be fine. I didn't have any issues when I did the same.

If there are any issues, or you've noticed any other problems with the original, let me know and I can look into them

Thank you to Buzzler for making this mod in the first place