Toddler Food Bowl

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Toddler Food Bowls!
This is a new way to feed toddlers. No more bottles, no more brown goo - it is time for some decent food around here!
Less of:

More of:

These are standalone objects - bowls that can be filled up with different types of food:
  • Main Meal (Finger Food)
  • Cereal
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Sweets
Your toddlers can toddle up to the bowls and eat away! And they will get different moodlets depending on the type of food, their traits, and the alignment of the planets.

There are a total of 9 custom moodlets, including positive and negative ones, so look forward to some mild chaos.

Usually the toddlers will eat the full bowl, but if they don't, the food doesn't go smelly or anything. You can also empty the bowl if it has food in and fill it with something else.
You may be thinking hmm, one of those looks like a pet bowl and that's because it is!
The bowls are based off the pet bowls, so they can only be put on the floor for the toddlers to eat from, but pets can't eat from them anymore. They can be moved around in live mod and put in sims' inventories too.
I actually nabbed the animations from Cherry92's Toddler Interactions mod , where toddlers can eat out of pet bowls, so thank you to Simoro for those
That mod is not required for this mod though.

There are 2 zips here, the resources for the mod, and the bowls themselves.
TwinSimming kindly gave me the Sims 4 Parenthood bowl mesh so as well as the pet-bowl-looking bowl, there is a nicer one included too that looks more toddler-appropriate. 
If you hate both of them, and only want the mod itself to be used with someone else's custom toddler food bowl object, you only need the Resources file, which contains the script, strings, jazz file, clips, xmls etc...
But you will need at least one object for it to actually exist in-game will have to stick with mine until a better one comes along :p

That being said, you can change the textures of the food pretty easily, by using S3PE and replacing the images with your preferred dds files. As long as you swap the cereal image for something cereal related, and the veg with another veg etc, it should make sense in-game wise. I know my textures aren't the best :p
You can also clone a toddler bowl and just change the food textures if you want multiple bowls in-game with different food textures for each category.

Object Info
They are both called Toddler Food Bowl, for 75 simoleons and can be found in Kids Furniture or Misc Appliances.
Poly counts for toddler bowl 1: 520 high, 260 low (same as pet bowl)
toddler bowl 2: 276 (both high and low).
They come with a basic preset (green and yellow), but are recolourable with one channel.

For any cc creators out there
It should be reasonable to make a custom bowl with TSRW, especially if you keep the food part of the mesh the same. Just clone one of my bowls, import into TSRW, and import your new bowl mesh and textures. You will need to copy over the geostate values from the original bowl, so the food geostates work properly. This is why it would be harder if you make a new mesh for the food itself, but I think it's possible, just more work :p
You can change the food textures within S3PE, which again are unique to each bowl.

There is an ITUN for the interaction if you want to change it. Leave the Hunger motive as-is though because it's increased via the code. The Bladder motive is affected too but you can edit that if you want.
There are also some tunable variables if you want to mess with them in the Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.zoeoe_ToddlerBowls.ToddlerFoodBowl xml, including how many bites of food it takes to finish a bowl, how much a full bowl fills hunger bar, cost of food, how hungry (or not hungry) they need to be for them to not finish a whole bowl, and how much traits should influence their reactions (and more). Hopefully the names and comments in the file should make sense of how they work.
You could also tweak the Buffs xml if you want to change how much they affect mood/how long for, if you so desire.

The main things to translate are in the Resources file, as they contain all the in-game interaction names and moodlet descriptions.
I have uploaded the text file with all the strings and keys, so if you'd like to translate, just change the strings between the <STR> tags, and upload in the comments

There shouldn't be any conflicts or issues with this (hopefully) but you can let me know if you have any. Installing and uninstalling should be simple enough. I'm not sure how uninstalling custom buffs effects things - I don't think anything explodes but you could always reset sims just in case.

Special Thanks To...!
MissPat, SimShai, TwinSimming, Battery, Lyralei, EchoWeaver, SimsDeoGloria, Sonja for the help, ideas, moral support, and spreadsheets.