Flower Arranging - Interaction and Skill

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Update v1.3
Added translations for Finnish and Polish

Flower Arranging

Supernatural and Uni Life needed for the plants' meshes, Seasons needed for arranging with Wildflowers
If you are missing SN or UL please see here
CCLoader is required for harvestable flowers and skill books: get it here
Visual Effects needs to be Medium or higher for the arrangements to display properly
Get a big sniff o' that pollen, for flower arranging has arrived to Sims 3!

To start, purchase the Flower Arranging Table from Buy mode in Hobbies and Skills.
It's 450 simoleons and called "Violets are Blue Flower Arranging Station"

Before a Sim has learnt the Flower Arranging Skill, you can Dabble at the table until you get a skill point. Then after that, you can start making flower arrangements, learning new ones as you skill up.
You can stop an arrangement and Continue at another time, but the table will not be able to be used for other arrangements until the unfinished one is completed or Scrapped. To make an arrangement, you need to have the right flowers in the sim's inventory or the flower table's inventory.
-Dabble/Make Arrangement.../Continue
-Scrap Arrangement
-Open Inventory
-Stock Flowers...

This mod comes with 15 new harvestables - all flowers converted from Sims 4. These are used to make the arrangements. They can purchased from the Grocery store in the Misc tab, or bought from the Flower Table once a sim has the skill to arrange with those flowers.
However, better quality flowers means better quality arrangements and so it's recommended to grow the flowers to get high quality ones.
You'll need to level up your gardening skill alongside the flower arranging skill in order to plant all the flowers you need.
The flowers are an Ingredient, so can be technically used for cooking certain foods, so you might want to store them in the Flower Table to keep them out of the way.
Note that I used the plant meshes from University Life and Supernatural so those packs are required for the harvestables.
The flowers are also loaded with CC Loader - which is therefore required for this mod to work.

Flower Arrangements
There are a lot of flower arrangements you can make - I converted ~40 from the Sims 4, and there are 3 made from Seasons' Wildflowers. Once made, they give off a nice scent for Sims around them, but after some time (default 48hrs) they will start to smell and attract flies, so you might want to throw them away then.
They can be pretty profitable to make once you skill up and make higher-skill arrangements.
Once you make the arrangement, you can change the vase in CASt. There are the textures from Sims 4 as well as a plain recolourable one.
-Throw Away/Recycle (if you have recycling bin)
-(Cheat interaction) Remove Effects - this stops good and bad effects from the flower arrangement, essentially making it a decor item

The Flower Arranging Skill has 10 levels, each of which means new flowers can be used for arrangements. The skill journal currently just tracks the number of arrangements made. You can level up by making flower arrangements or reading skill books bought in the book store.

Tunable Values
The length of the Flower Arranging interaction is default 120 sim minutes - can be tuned in FlowerTable_0x5333A8BDC995B049.XML
The time until flowers die and broadcaster settings can be tuned in FlowerArrangement_0xC6B2ABF3DF3EAE82
You can edit zoeoe.FlowerArranging.Arrangements if you want to change what flowers are required for an arrangement or the skill, but be careful not to change anything else and note that it might make the skill notifications not make sense anymore.

The strings for translating are available in a text file for downloading. Please translate the text between the <STR> tags and upload in the comments
It includes the interaction strings, arrangement names, skill, moodlet, and harvestables text.
Thanks for your help!
French - SecretX
German - Nasenfahrrad
Japanese - naofuku2
Portuguese BR - cabrera80
Portuguese POR - DavidManaia
Russian - AstroWhite
Italian - danirgana
Swedish - FrN0679
Chinese TW - PieceOfCarambola
Finnish - shooting_well
Polish - simFlower97

Same as usual, just place the package in Mods/Packages. Everything needed is in the one package (apart from CCLoader) but if anyone wants the individual files for the arrangements/flower table/flower harvestables let me know.

Same with my knitting mod and other cutsom skills, removing them can cause issues in saves affected by the skill. I made an uninstallFlowerArranging cheat to remove the skill from sims and the flower arranging interaction, but proceed with caution.

Future Plans
I know I talk a lot about future plans but there really is so much more I want to do with this:
- More arrangements!
- Abilities to scent/embellish arrangements for different effects like Sims 4 has
- Super inspired by PJSims' mods I would love to have extra gifting options, maybe include a card for sims to read with the arrangement
- Again inspired by PJSims, I love the idea of being able to order a big box of flowers to come in the mail for "Florist" sims, or even just order arrangements for themselves or other sims without needing to make them.
- Have different kinds of arrangements with different effects, eg romantic, friendship, wedding, funeral, seasonal
- Self-employed career
- Custom wishes
- Better skill journal with more stats/challenges
- A proper dialogue window like Sims 4 has, or like the Alchemy skill has so it's easier to select the arrangement you want.
- An override package for users of Omedapixel's DF wildflower replacement, so the wildflower arrangement texture's use the default replacement ones

There are quite a lot of new meshes but all are converted/edited from Sims 4 meshes so are pretty low poly.

Shouldn't be any conflicts, and not any serious issues either. The animations aren't perfect (you might notice long skirts like to dance around a bit) but it's potentially something I will go back to if it bothers me/other people enough :p
I couldn't get autonomy to work, but I hope to figure it out at some point.
I'm also not totally sure how great the scaling is for the sellable price of the arrangements, so if you have any opinions on that, feel free to let me know and I can adjust things.

Thank yous!
Twinsimming, deniisu, Lyralei, Battery for help with coding and object issues, the_spirit_realm for organised icons, SimsVip for information on sims 4 skill and arrangements, and MissPat for testing!
Flower arranging skill UI icon: Bouquet icons created by monkik - Flaticon at https://www.flaticon.com/free-icons/bouquet
Sims 4 animations and objects and icons.
And to YOU for putting up with my long-winded descriptions.

I hope you like the mod so far and if you have any issues please let me know!