Electric Guitars by xdarkshadowx Converted to Accessories

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2020 at 6:52 PM
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*This CC was made and first published on July 8, 2016*

When I was looking for more variation of electric guitar accessory CC to be fit with playing electric guitar pose set, I couldn't find it everywhere. That was the time I decided to make conversion by myself. Hopefully this conversion will be useful for anyone who needs it.

I'm fan of electrical guitars made by XDARKSHADOWX , I took his awesome guitar meshes to be converted into accessories. Also the accessories made fit with ha2d's band pose set.

ha2d band pose set download link


* Cloned from Female earrings
* For Male and Female; Teens to Elders
* 3 recolorable channels. (1st channel= neck, 2nd channel= head, 3rd channel= body)、
* Not valid for random


1. Fender Telecaster
2. Ibanez
3. BC Rich Warlock
4. Gibson SG
5. Fender Stratocaster
6. Gibson Double Neck
7. Gibson Explorer
8. Gibson Flying V

Polygon Counts:
Fender Stratocaster: V=987 F=997

Fender Telecaster: V=716 F=744

Ibanez: V=739 F=725

Gibson SG: V=834 F=912

Gibson Explorer: V=731 F=792

Gibson Flying V: V=657 F=735

Gibson Double Neck: V=1237 F=1315

BC Rich Warlock: V=724 F=720

Additional Credits:
xdarkshadowx for the guitar mesh
ha2d for the poses

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