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The Pier - Wedding/Party Venue

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2009 at 5:16 PM

The Pier was created specifically as a place to hold weddings on the beach but that could also function as an outing place for your Sims during other times.

>> Lot Features <<

Ceremony area
Reception area with dance floor & stereo
BBQ's & serving tables
WC and shower facilities
Chess tables
Foosball table

>> The Useless Info >>

Furnished $97,801
Unfurnished $70,088

This lot was created where the Old Pier Beach currently is in Sunset Valley. 2 Sun Song Ave on the 60x37 lot.

>> Notes <<

I have tested this lot and everything appears to be working correctly.

I apologize about the floor plan view, but it wasn't easy fitting this entire lot into the screen.

Ok, that's about it. Enjoy!

Lot Size: 6x3
Lot Price: 97,801

Custom Content Included:
- Coastal Land & Sea Painting by Sims Art Gallery
- Coastal Rocky Shores by Sims Art Gallery
- Coastal Sea Breeze Painting by Sims Art Gallery
- Coastal Tides Painting by Sims Art Gallery

Additional Credits:
Sims Art Gallery paintings are included in this download.

>> MTS Custom Content NOT Included <<

TS2 Floors by Plum

Mosaic Tiles by kuchikisan92

Mass Transit Tiles by JaneSamborski

Paint on Paint by guatla

Cheap Backless Shower by petallotus

Bright, Beachy Roofs by tammy_trauma

>> Non MTS Custom Content NOT Included <<

Sofa from Mango Sims bedroom set