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NCI - 16:9 Widescreen Loading Backdrop

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2013 at 6:36 AM
Updated: 17th Mar 2019 at 11:51 PM

So after seeing those new loading screen mods, I thought I'd give it a try. Therefore, the folks at NCI present to you this first of its kind (I guess?) widescreen loading background:

This widescreen backdrop contains over 60 different stills from the game series' Maxis-made families and individuals, littered for your enjoyment...while the game loads (especially for hours on end for those of you with tons of custom content, lol). Finally, a backdrop that will bring your game into the early 21st century, with consideration to all future widescreen computer monitors. IF, however, your monitor is 1024x768, expect to view something to this extent:

But if that's not the case, enjoy the view! As an additional bonus, NCI is offering a replacement title for the loading screen too...Widescreen Deluxe Edition logo, as seen below:

If you wish to download this, place the file in the same folder as the backdrop. The title screen replacement can be used alone or together with the backdrop originally offered here.

NCI Download Policies for this thread of (March 17, 2013) regarding:

You may use this download in your game however you wish. Enjoy it & if you feel like it, give feedback on how it works. Do not make money off of this creation.

Do not upload this creation onto other websites. Instead, please link back to this download thread from your website.

If you wish to convert or remix this creation for use in other games, please contact me by private message or e-mail for an arrangement on what you'd like to do with this creation.

This policy will supersede the above policies with condition to the following order, whichever event occurs first:
a. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) after 5 years of the date listed in this policy, OR
b. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) in case I become inactive after 2 years of the Last Activity date listed in my profile.
If neither conditions occur, then the above policies remain in effect.

Additional Credits
Credit goes to Maxis for the creation of The Sims 2 logos, and neighborhood picture from behind, along with the original snapshots of each person pictured in the stills.