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Fanseefem Sweaterdresses... for the Laydeez.

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2014 at 4:28 PM
No, you're not seeing things - I made another Fanseefem thing! A little dressier than some of the rest but still the sort of thing I'd wear on a daily basis. This is a short-sleeved sweater dress with loose high neck, cable detailing, pockets, opaque tights, low heels with contrast detail, and a little bracelet. These are a recolour of a mesh from the H&M stuff pack, so H&M Stuff is required.

These come in six colours:

- Black dress with red tights and bracelet
- Green dress, plum tights, and yellow shoes
- Brown dress, cream tights, brown shoes
- Pink dress with black tights and shoes
- Teal with terra cotta tights and teal shoes
- Cream dress, olive tights, brown shoes

Special thanks to EA, for the Sims 4 textures that were converted to make these - pretty sure this makes this the first TS4-to-TS2 conversion. Also thanks to Nysha, Splad, Buckley, Baka, and Jazinga for colour combination suggestions. Model is my Rebecca de Muse.