Default replacement - FFS CF princess dresses

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Uploaded: 21st May 2016 at 10:31 PM
This is a default replacement for cfbodypuffshoulderlong, the princess dresses from Family Fun Stuff. It uses the yellow, blue, pink, and purple outfits from this set by Knightskykyte. The mesh is by Kate at Parsimonious, and is included as a separate download.

I did make a few changes. Unlike the Maxis originals, these are Formal only instead of Everyday and Formal. Any girls who are wearing one of the princess dresses as Everyday should get a new outfit. Also, based on KSK's close-up pictures of the shoes, I set the shoe sounds to normal.

Since this replaces an outfit in Family Fun Stuff, it will not work properly if FFS is not installed. Also, you can only have one replacement for any given outfit, so you should remove any other defaults for cfbodypuffshoulderlong before installing this one.

Additional Credits:
Kate at Parsimonius, for the replacement mesh.
Knightskykyte, for the replacement textures.