Fairy House motive tuning: Bladder and Hygiene

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Uploaded 2nd Jul 2020 at 12:21 PM

This has been giving me a headache for a few days, so I'm glad to finally be able to bring you these mods!
These mods require the Supernatural EP and the fairy house object to work.
They were made on patch 1.63 but work on newer ones.
These perks apply to all species of sims that can enter the fairy house, from toddler to elder.

What they do:
FairyHouseMaxBladderHygieneOnEnter_163 (1) - Bladder and Hygiene motives max out when entering the fairy house.
FairyHouseMaxBladderHygieneOnSleep_163 (2) - Bladder and Hygiene motives max out when sleeping in the fairy house.
FairyHouseMaxBladderHygieneOnSleepNoSocialDecay_163 (3) - Bladder and Hygiene motives max out when sleeping in the fairy house, and their Social motive won't decay while sleeping.

(3) simply incorporates the edit that Twoftmama made in her Toddlers Sleep With No Social Decay mod (v2) .

How to use:
Can be used together:
- (1) + (2);
- (1) + (3);
- (1) + Twoftmama's mod (any flavor).
Don't use together:
- (2) + (3);
- (2)/(3) + Twoftmama's mod;
- any flavor + anything that edits the following ITUN resources: GetIn_FairyHouse (used in (1)), Sleep_FairyHouse (used in (2) and (3)).

Edited resources:
For (1): GetIn_FairyHouse ITUN (0xA1072E8AC3865F28)
For (2) and (3): Sleep_FairyHouse ITUN (0x1E9A7DAE0F1DB9C0)

Additional Credits:
Twoftmama, for the idea of making the Social motive non-decaying.